Body language experts believe the way you cross the fingers of your two hands says a lot about who you are. This conclusion is based on research conducted by Roger Wolcott Sperry, Nobel Prize winner. His research has proven that the brain is divided into two parts – left and right – and a person’s behavior can depend on which part is most active.

 Left thumb on top

If this is how you shake your hands, you are most likely a practical person. You are someone who never makes decisions in the heat of the moment. Before coming to a conclusion, you weigh the pros and cons. It is also very difficult to go wrong. You have an innate ability to see through the lies of others.
For these reasons, you are greatly appreciated by your friends and family, who often come to you for advice. And more often than not, you advise wisely. But all this does not mean that you are a serious person. On the contrary, your mind can lighten even the darkest places. Your quirky sense of humor makes you a magnet to people at social gatherings.
You are also a romantic who knows exactly how to deal with dating. You know exactly what to say and when to say it.

Both thumbs aligned

You are someone who believes that the devil is in the details. You are a perfectionist and you expect the same level of dedication and focus from others. Leadership comes naturally to you and you always lead by example. But that doesn’t mean that you ignore the needs and circumstances of others.
You always hear the opinions of others and try to understand their point of view before making a decision. Your frankness, honesty, and sincerity can turn some people off at times, but it’s the same qualities that appeal to many others.
In relationships, you also value frankness and honesty, and you are never afraid to say what you think and you do not stop your loved one from doing so.

Right thumbs up

If you are someone who prefers to keep your right thumb over your left while squeezing your fingers, you are a person with a high emotional quotient. You are able to understand what a person is feeling even if they are trying to hide their true emotions. This unique ability makes it easy for others to open up to you.
This ability also gives you a perspective that others cannot see, helping you think outside the box and empower you to make the right decisions. Although making decisions after emotionally weighing all other aspects can take time. Your ability to understand deep emotions and to bring warmth draws people to you.

In relationships, you understand your partner’s unspoken feelings. You will never have a problem meeting all of their emotional needs.
Without making a conscious effort, squeeze your fingers, and tell us which of the people described above you are.


The Way Your Fingers Crossed Shows What Kind Of Person You Are

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