The way each zodiac sign collapses when everything gets too much for them.


Everyone deals with stress in their own way. Even the most emotionally stable people will eventually reach the point where they can no longer stand the inner pressure and collapse in one way or another.

People break down in a variety of ways and their zodiac sign can give us a rough idea of ​​it.

Here you can find out how each zodiac sign collapses when everything becomes too much for them.


You are someone who carries his emotions and the stress for a long time and lugs around with him and in the end, you often pay for this with a nervous breakdown.

In such a phase, in which you can no longer, you become very aggressive and irritable. Even the smallest things could make you freak out.

These outbursts of anger and your unpredictable emotions will cause you to hurt people who have nothing to do with it. You will lose people just because you are not in control.

This is how a ram reacts when “everything is too much”.


When the bull is under a lot of stress and has no place to swallow his emotions, he tends to put on a vice.

He starts to drink or smoke and drifts off his usual path. He falls into negative behavior patterns. The bull digs ever deeper into a vicious circle of self-destruction and self-doubt.

And he doesn’t notice that all of these things only add to the stress and anxiety he’s already drowning in.

This is how a bull reacts when “everything is too much” in life.


Once the twin is worried about something or has any fears in his head, it is next to impossible for him to relax.

It goes so far that he falls to bed dead tired, then suddenly wakes up, then sucks his head half the night, thinking and worrying about all kinds of things.

He doesn’t notice that it only makes things worse. Through this constant thinking, questioning and analyzing things that are unlikely to happen, it is difficult for him to find peace and in the long run, something like this can result in burnout or depression.

That is how the twin reacts when “everything is too much” in life.


When you’re under a lot of pressure, you tend to be messy and slightly confused with others. You are mostly present with your body, but no longer with your head.

If you are under stress, you will try to get your life back under control by bringing order to your everyday life, which will not work.

Since your head is always somewhere else The immense pressure that you feel takes up too much space in your head, so that you are almost paralyzed in your life.

Even the simplest things mess you up because you just can’t concentrate.

This is the way cancer reacts when “everything is too much” in life.


If you put pressure on the lion or if it is confronted with something that is annoying, then it tends to face the stress with uncontrolled eating behavior.

He’ll eat just about all the junk food he finds. He’ll do that for a while until he realizes that it doesn’t work.

Then he will suddenly eat nothing or very little because he is only busy thinking about this one thing.

This is how a lion reacts when “everything is too much” in life.


What is going on in you is often reflected in your appearance. If you are emotionally bad or under stress, it is your appearance that first of all suffer from it.

You let yourself go completely. The care of your hair leaves a lot to be desired, the choice of your clothes is more like a random principle. Using make-up is too tiring for you and generally, your mood is rather negative.

The stress and pressure completely take over and you yourself fall by the wayside.

That is the way the virgin reacts when “everything is too much” in life.


When the stress and worries are under control, you tend to cry silently and without witnesses. It just wants to get out of you and your tears are unstoppable.

Everything, no matter how insignificant it seems, appeals to you and everyone around you feels that you are no longer yourself.

You collapse without anyone seeing it, but the people you care about feel that something is wrong with you.

That is the way the Libra reacts when it becomes “too much” in life.


You tend to go under pressure as soon as you come under pressure to come up with a plan for getting out of this.

For outsiders, it may look like an escape, but you’re already planning your comeback.

Despite all this, the stress does not leave you without a trace. You stay at home all day, avoid contact with most people, let yourself go and spend most of your time analyzing everything again and again.

This is how the scorpion reacts when “everything is too much” in life.


If your mind is restless and stressed, then so is your body. Because you have an excellent body-mind connection.

For you, it almost looks like your immune system is only as strong as your emotional state, it allows it, unbelievable but true.

So when you are under a lot of pressure or stress, your body reacts by becoming weak and susceptible to disease. Abdominal pain, gastrointestinal disorders, or severe headache are some symptoms of this.

This is the way the shooter reacts when “everything is too much” in life.


If you are under pressure or stressed, the dark clouds will contract above you. You suddenly see the negative in everything and let it pull you down by everything and everyone.

As a rule, you are tough and can deal with a lot, but when the stress and pressure reach a certain point, you can become very cruel for yourself but also for everyone around you.

No matter how it turns out, you only see the bad and expect only defeats and disappointments. Pressure makes you a very uncomfortable person.

This is how the ibex reacts when “everything is too much” in life.


Your habit of controlling as many areas of your life as possible is something that gives you the greatest pressure and stress.

Once you’re stressed out, you hide everything else. You only have eyes for the problem, so to speak, but rarely for the solution.

You then tell yourself that you are to blame for the situation and that the whole world is against you. Self-criticism quickly turns into self-doubt.

You tend to be very hard on yourself in such a situation, if not to say unfair.

In the end, you respond to pressure or stress by breaking yourself.

This is how Aquarius reacts when “everything is too much” in life.


If something deeply depresses you, stresses you or is just a burden for you, then crying is your way of reacting to it. You are very emotional and stress is something you cannot really deal with.

You will try to hide from the world in order to “break down” in peace. Privacy is very important to you in such weak moments. You then just need a little time for yourself to let out the pent-up emotions.

Stress and fear are monsters in your eyes that make you blind to all the beautiful things in life.

This is how the fish react when “everything is too much” in life.


What’s your Reaction?

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