The Warning You Should Listen To In September According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Warning You Should Listen To In September According To Your Zodiac Sign

A good warning in time never hurts, and even more so if we have Mercury retrograde doing his thing. September is a month of change, renewal, and new opportunities and it is essential that all signs are very clear about what they want, what they need, and what they should stay away from. If you want to know the warning you should listen to in September according to your zodiac sign, read on:


First of all, don’t take on more responsibilities than you can have right now or that belong to you. You can get very good results without getting so overwhelmed, Aries, you don’t have to assume anything that makes you feel bad or that generates a lot of stress. You will realize that you can get positive results in your challenges when you join forces with your family and friends who have always supported you.


Taurus beware, do not allow a love drama to end the relationship you have with several very important people in your life. You have to think a lot about which way to go from now on. In September you will have to analyze a new person who has entered your life. Take on the role of a detective and don’t trust appearances, you’re smarter than that person, don’t be fooled, Taurus…


You are going to have to find new tools to control that stress and those nerves that arise when everything goes wrong. You have to keep in mind that in September we have Mercury retrograde doing his thing and it will affect you a lot. Beware of exes, with friends who are not honest with you and with actions that do not fill you with pride. Don’t get into dramas that you know will hurt you…


If you are going to stick out your nails and your teeth to defend yourself and to make things clear to more than one person who treats you like an idiot, pay attention. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone other than yourself, starting there. If you feel that you should set limits with certain people in your life, do it, take the time you need to reflect. In September you will have to fight for your individual future Cancer, look out for yourself and no one else


It is useless that you go to help certain people with good intentions if then those people are ungrateful. Look, Leo, in September you are going to have to be as realistic as possible and you are going to have to put an end to a very unfair situation for you. Think that you are better alone than in bad company. It is also important that you do not give much importance to technological failures or communication failures that may arise, do not forget that Mercury retrograde is doing its thing.


If you’re asking yourself a lot of questions about something you’ve done recently, is it because you don’t like it? Could it be that you regret something and don’t want to admit it? Look, Virgo, in September it is very important that you be very honest with yourself and with no one else. Instead of always seeing the negative side of everything that happens to you, why don’t you look at the good that it can bring you? Stimulate your mind with positive ideas…


Look Libra, imagine that right now you go out on a stage that is full of an audience very nervous to see what your performance will be. Imagine that right now you have the opportunity to take that step you dream of so much. And then re-imagine what can happen next. Your smile gets bigger and bigger when you imagine all that, right? Well, that’s what you have to do and what you have to fight for in September.


Work hard to take an intimate relationship to another level and do not be very critical of the small mistakes of someone who is important to you, you have to keep in mind that Mercury retrograde is going to do its thing. Keep fighting for your rights, for your well-being, and for what is yours in the workplace. Don’t let Mercury retrograde flood you with negative energy because of the stress it can generate, you’re a Scorpio and in September you’re going to get your act together to have everything you want.


Look Sagittarius, don’t leave one drama to get into another, please, you have to be more selective when choosing your battles. In September you should focus on yourself and your most intimate relationships. It’s great that you’re the friend who’s always helpful, but it’s also great if others let you off the hook a bit and you focus on your own business as a top priority. If you always help everyone, when do you have time for yourself?


Capricorn comes out of everything, you have to change the chip in September because you are going to have the opportunity to live a very positive before and after for you. You have to keep in mind that we have Mercury retrograde doing its thing, so it is very likely that the devices will break or go wrong (very slow) and it is also very likely that communication will be unsuccessful with certain people. But even so, everything is good for you, because you are going to resurface in a brutal way and you are going to focus on your professional goals with more impetus than ever. Yes or yes.


In September you will have the opportunity to smooth things over with someone very important to you, but are you prepared to hear things that you will not like? You have to be very clear about this. It is also important that you write down everything you are discovering on a piece of paper or in an agenda of ideas that you can customize. It is very likely that you will forget important things, so anticipate Mercury retrograde and write down all those ideas that you have in your mind that can be very successful in an agenda.


Forget explaining why you do things the way you’re doing them or why you’ve chosen the nail color you’re wearing right now (it’s an example, but it’s also worth it) because in September you have a mission: renew yourself. Now it’s all a matter of renewing or staying stuck in a toxic past. Mrs. Pisces, you are going to be especially sensitive this month because you are going to go back to things that you like, but everything will be fine. You are going to fight to make it so. You better…

The Warning You Should Listen To In September According To Your Zodiac Sign

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