There are people who better stay away for a while, or who knows, maybe a lifetime. Not all of us need the same people and not all people need us. In this article we will show you who is the type of person that you should leave according to your sign:


Aries: You should stay away from the sticky people Aries, and the jealous and possessive. Your character is cheerful, you need your space and your freedom and you really like the “game”. You look and let them look for you, and then you turn away again … The truth is that you lose a lot of emotion when someone is too interested in you and above all when they don’t let you breathe.

Taurus: If you have to get away from someone who is stubborn people. You already have a double ration of that so, getting together with someone who looks like you will only end in drama. Stay away from those who don’t give their arm to twist and try to make you feel guilty Taurus. You seem very strong on the outside but in reality, you have a mind that is easy to get through, especially, by the people you love. Watch out…

Gemini: You are full of life and energy Gemini, so, a person who is too stopped will only bring boredom to your life. Stay away from those people who just want to isolate themselves. You need someone who is open with their feelings, and sincere, and who is not afraid to express it to you. Do not stay with someone who does not enjoy the little things in life.

Cancer: Get away from the cold and detached people Cancer, because if you don’t, you will end up suffering a lot. You need strong crab connections, physical and emotional connections. The detached people will not be able to give you what you need and even if you try to change them, you will not be able to. You need someone loving Crab, someone who gives you the same, or more than you give.

Leo: Get away from people who are too shy and introspective Leo. At first, you might get noticed and even like them but in the long run, it won’t work. You need someone by your side who is confident, who can pull you when you come down, be bold and help you a little. Things as they are, in almost all your relationships, you pull the car. Well, what you need is just that, to pull the car. Even a little.

Virgo: You have to get away from the carefree Virgo because they don’t do you any good. You need someone focused on your side, who knows what he wants or at least, who knows what he doesn’t want. You cannot be with someone who wants to be everywhere and who is not anywhere, someone who goes from one place to another looking all the time for something that does not have. Because these people destabilize you. A lot.

Libra: If you have to get away from someone, it’s that aggressive Libra guy. You are peace and harmony, you are good vibes and the truth is that you also like to have your independence and be free. Let everyone be clear if you are with someone it is because you want to be. You hate being tried to control and that, many times, is linked to the insecurity of that person, their aggressiveness. Get away from that bad vibes now.

Scorpio: The type of person you should get away from is that kind of very passive people. You like people with a lot of vigor, sometimes even a bit ambitious, with many goals, with many projects, with a lot of confidence … You are super passionate and prefer intensity rather than tranquility. Although many times, the tranquility is much more worth it and it takes away headaches.

Sagittarius: If you had to get away from someone it will be too critical people, those who see problems in everything they do … They consume you Sagi. You are super cheerful and if you are not laughing all day, at least, you are not f**cking the rest. If you have a bad day, you will not eat the head of others. You hate to judge yourself, criticize you and talk about more without even knowing what you have inside. Starting because they don’t listen.

Capricorn: You can’t be near people who are too messy Capri. Both in your life and in your things You like stability, order and especially people who are clear about what they want. You need tranquility and peace to open your heart Capri and the undecided sorry but no, they do not give you what you really need.

Aquarius: If you have to get away from someone who is from traditional people please, from those who don’t break the rules, from the bored, from the weary, from those who are scandalized by everything new, from those who have to have everything Super established and unable to break the rules. These people don’t do you any good Aquarius because they end up crushing all your creativity, your passion, your art.

Pisces: You can’t be close to people who are not emotionally available when you need them. You don’t want to beg anyone to give you love, you don’t want to ask for a kiss or a hug, you want that person to come out, to see it as something natural. You are sentimental, intuitive and emotional and you will not be happy with someone who blocks you or tries to set limits.