You should avoid friendships that judge your lifestyle. Avoid anyone who wants to take away Aries energy, any person who feeds on your positivity and your strength, because whoever does it is NOT GOOD FRIEND for you. You are a truly adventurous spirit and you don’t like to be limited, conditioned or simply told by what you have or don’t have to do Aries and you know it.

You move like a fish in the water Aries and you love to enjoy your independent character in every way, in a big way, without limits, where and when you want and not when others send…

You like to meet new people, you are not of that kind of friendship/sect that only stays with those who know a lifetime and that’s it and you love to feed your most emotional part by living good times with fun people.

The last thing you should have at your side is someone who imposes limits on you (even if they don’t care about you and don’t even listen to them) that doesn’t let you breathe, that criticizes you for your actions, that doesn’t respect your friendship with more people that don’t Enter your nearest circle … You know you are not perfect Aries, but what you will never do is judge someone by the lifestyle they lead and that is what you want others to do with you. No more no less.

At your side, many people with character, with positivity, with a lot of patience, with an adventurous spirit and a bit childish like yours and above all, good people. That is what is best for you by now and forever.

Remember, whoever speaks your name “for your own good” and who, little by little, takes away a little autonomy, is not a friend. That is called being “exploited” and you know it, Aries. Who wants your friendship, who loves you as you are.


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