Sign of all excesses, Scorpio is not easy to understand. With him, everything is about extreme! One day, he loves you to die, the next day he manipulates you and tests you. Sometimes angelic, sometimes diabolical, we tell you more about the behaviour of Scorpio in its best days and its darkest days. Discover the two faces of Scorpion …

His angelic face:

Sign with a strong character, the Scorpion fascinates for its presence and leaves no one indifferent. He is an idealist, with strong convictions, who acts and speaks with pure sincerity. But it is above all his strength of determination and his unshakable will that impress. Scorpio indeed is a passionate. Everything he undertakes-whether it’s a professional project or a personal project-he does it with passion and intuition. He intensely leads his life and does not know how to do things halfway.

As for his friendly and loving relationships, Scorpio is an individual with unfailing loyalty. With his friends, he makes himself available at any time. He is an excellent confidant who can be trusted. And for good reason, there is no better sign than Scorpio to keep a secret. Be that as it may, he’s a friend you can always count on. In love, needs to feel intense emotions to be fulfilled. With him, his partner will never be bored. Especially since he is reputed to be the best lover of the Zodiac …

His devilish face:

You understand, Scorpio is a passionate sign. The flip side? This facet of his personality is also expressed in excess when he shows his most diabolical face. Because with him, it’s all or nothing, his entourage has no right to the error. He even happens to be a manipulator and a fine strategist to achieve his ends. And since it does not loose anything, you can be sure to have you! When the Scorpion is upset, his impulsive temperament makes him uncontrollable and unpredictable … In short, it is not advisable to make him angry!

You have understood, it is not easy to identify the personality of Scorpio. But where his dark sides can surprise is when he practices self-destruction. Because he constantly needs to live intensely, he does not support the routine. Thus, he can create a conflict by causing his partner to add a little spice to his romantic relationship. Another drift of his passionate temperament: his excessive jealousy. When he is in love, the Scorpion lets glimpse a possessiveness that sometimes, can be disproportionate. And it’s not easy every day …


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