Like all astrological signs, Sagittarius has a dual personality. On the one hand, his qualities make him unique and innocent but on the other side, his character reveals flaws that make him unbearable and difficult to pin down. Mid-angel, half-demon, the sign of optimism is not always as we imagine! We tell you everything about the two faces of Sagittarius …

His angelic face:

If optimism had a sign, it would be Sagittarius! Always enthusiastic and determined, he gives the impression of being constantly happy and tireless! It’s simple, he always finds positive in the negative! With its boundless energy, Sagittarius multiplies activities and hobbies. He is passionate about everything and does not hesitate to share his discoveries with others, which makes him particularly interesting. Not to mention his soul as an adventurer who constantly pushes him to discover the world and its surroundings …

Side human relations, Sagittarius turns out to be an ideal companion to spend good times. Open-minded and radiant, he attracts others and socializes with great ease. He likes to party, talk about everything and anything and does not hesitate to go to strangers. In general, Sagittarius leads from day to day without taking the lead and avoids conflicts to the fullest. In short, with him, everything seems so easy …

His demonic face:

Sagittarius is indeed the most positive sign of the Zodiac. And many are those who envy his abilities to live so serenely. Yet, his daily life is far from perfect! If he multiplies the projects, he goes very rarely at the end of each of them. Because he gets tired very quickly, he constantly happens to undertake activities without finishing them. It must be said, he does not know how to concentrate very long! And when it comes to responsibilities or boring tasks, it’s the first to save itself! In other words, if everything seems easy to him, it is because he does not always assume his obligations and his duties.

Of course, this obscure facet of his personality has social and romantic consequences. Although sociable and open to others, Sagittarius is not one to focus on an exclusive relationship. Free as the air, it flees the slightest commitment and often appears detached from all feeling. As a couple, it’s the same story! It is said, moreover, that it is one of the most unfaithful astrological signs of the Zodiac …


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