Each astrological sign has two faces. The first is the one he wants to show to others. The one that can be described as angelic face. The second is the one he prefers to hide. He whom only his close entourage knows. And Libra is no exception to the rule! Sign of justice, his personality is double-edged. We tell you everything about the two faces of Libra …


His angelic face:

Sign of justice, Libra embodies the perfect balance. She is a diplomat with great human values. Whether at work or in her private life, she is always on the lookout for harmony and wants to live in a peaceful environment. It is rare to see her in a bad mood, which makes her very easy to live with. Because it is also a sign of beauty, Libra is always primed and elegant. With her, everything seems so natural!

Ultra sociable, Libra has no trouble making friends. Besides, she is never alone, she hates that. Always up for anything and everything, she is easy to convince when it comes to party and have fun. In a gang of friends, she has a very important role. Indeed, it is the mediator in case of conflict! She easily finds the right words to appease delicate situations and always finds a solution to all the problems. It must be said, conflicts are his obsession. In love, Libra is a passionate partner who just wants to be charmed and cajoled!

His demonic face:

Balanced as a balanced person, Libra hides a much more unstable temperament than one imagines. If it seems spontaneous, Libra is much more indecisive and disturbed than it seems. Faced with a difficult decision, she can take hours to know what she wants. She puts the pros and the cons, hesitates again and again and changes her mind as a shirt. She does not show it but she often tortures her mind!

In terms of social relations, Libra is one of the most sociable signs. If she hates loneliness, it’s because she does not know how to take care of herself. This emotional dependence is explained by its lack of initiative. And by dint of wanting to return a perfect image of her, her naturalness gradually gives way to the superficial. In other words, she is so suggestible that she can say or do things that are not like her to please others. In love too, Libra hides her game. Unable to make choices, she is emotionally unstable. It is not for nothing that it is part of the most unfaithful signs of the Zodiac …


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