I used to be ashamed of the people who did that. For those who ignored their friends because someone new came into their world that I thought would go away quickly. I thought who are you to put me second when I was by your side all the time and loyal. I hated seeing my friends in relationships, but the truth was that I was selfish because what I wanted was someone I could go out with.

Then it happened to me.

They said I had changed. But the only thing that really changed about me at the time was my relationship status.

Suddenly this person came into my life unexpectedly and everything seemed so simple and perfect.

I was somewhere between the life that I had got to know and the life that I have only ever dreamed of. A life with a perfect relationship. Although I knew that there was no such thing and that every couple had their problems, it was different. We may not have been perfect, but at the time we were perfect for each other.

And as a result of having someone new in my life, my priorities had also changed. Suddenly he was my priority.

The truth is, if a relationship doesn’t change or challenge you, it’s not the one for you.

Maybe I had changed too My smile grew. My laughter grew louder. The words “I’m happy” actually made sense, whereas in the past I was really good at pretending.

And a lot of people didn’t understand how someone who was so independent and never needed anyone could suddenly make any guy a priority. But I considered him my better half.

And the truth was that I was still that old person, only that I had someone by my side to encourage me.

He made me something unique that I was so proud of. So I didn’t have to apologize or explain this change to people.

I increasingly refrain from parties. I preferred to stay at home, watch Netflix and enjoy a bottle of wine.

I didn’t do Sunday brunch with my girls because he asked me to come to a family reunion and I was happy about it.

In the club I didn’t wear short skirts and low-cut tops, because what really mattered to me was to impress the person who kissed me goodbye and told me that she was waiting for me awake.

And maybe there were a couple of nights I stayed out of the house longer, but I liked having someone to come home to.

The truth was that I had missed him before we said goodbye.

For me, being a party girl was just a phase that I didn’t regret. But those days were over, I was no longer this person.

Why should someone go out, meet people, get free drinks and pretend to be single when the best of their lives is waiting at home.

These bar scenes were my comfort zones, but like any comfort zone, nothing new would arise from them.

The truth was that I always wanted something more, and when I found that, I just wanted to devote my time to him.

There is no party, no friend, and no date that can be compared to waking up next to someone who chooses me every day.

There is no better feeling than standing in a crowded room and making eye contact with your partner on the other side of the room and falling in love with that person again. And every day I spend with him I fall in love with him more.

So I don’t think that I or anyone else should be ashamed to prioritize their friend and not his friends.

And, yes, you will be at my wedding and make embarrassing speeches about how we got here today. But the person I’m going to stand next to is the one who’ll get me forever.

Friends are just the people who get you there. Those who dry your tears, comfort you in moments of confusion, help you when you make mistakes, and love you unconditionally. Maybe my friends deserved more, but I really believe that friends are just the people who guide you and are there until someone proves that it’s worth taking their place.

The truth is that I will always be your friend. Even if you call me at 2 a.m., I’ll always be there for you. If someone hurts you, I will be the first to eat ice cream with you and drink a glass of wine. The girlfriend in me has not changed. And the love we feel for our friends will never wane. It’s just a love that is shared when you meet the right person.


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