You will understand what love is. You will see what kindness looks like in a person. When you love a Taurus, you realize that he just wants to love and be loved. Really, if the Taurus likes you, it will prove it. He will show gratitude, patience and kindness. He will want to have fun with you. But keep in mind that sometimes a bully likes to have reckless and wild fun to ignore his problems and sometimes he likes to use humour as a defence mechanism. If you are on his side, you can have fun as he will definitely want you there.


When you love a bull, you learn that it does not support bullshit. He’s sweet and sweet … until he is betrayed. He will tell you what is bothering him or what you did to hurt him just because he wants to stay on good terms with everyone. A bull will face the problems head-on and try to solve them immediately since they are essentially warriors. He just wants to be friends with everyone.


When you love a Taurus, you will notice how easy your relationship is. It is easy to appreciate and welcome it into your life. You will love the fact that it gives you importance in his life. You will love the feeling of security he displays, the patience he displays and the kindness he offers. You will love the way he takes care of you when you really need him. I imagine it would be poetic to say that a Taurus is like a house for one person. And when you love a bull, you will want to stay. I advise you to stay with him.



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