Libra is all about romance and love as it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and art.

The Libra woman is one of the funniest, most social, and loving people out there.

She enchants you with her smile on the spot and has the ability to make new friends wherever she goes.

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is in that one person, but that’s the kind of effect Libra women have on you.

With such an amazing personality and optimistic outlook on life, it may be hard to imagine a woman like this getting angry, but Libra women are perfectly capable of quarreling.

They avoid arguments when they can and prefer to keep peace and harmony.

This woman loves to be loved, but she wants someone who will be patient with her when it comes to opening up.

It can be difficult for her to really know what she wants and to express it, which makes it difficult for her to make decisions.

But rest assured, if you are lucky enough to have a Libra woman in your life, you will know how much you are valued.

Libra woman personality traits

Libra women are charming, intellectual, seek justice for all, and are passionate leaders, but they also tend to be selfish, unreliable, vain, and indecisive.

People are drawn to Libra for their beauty, and it is not difficult for them to meet new people.

They easily get into intellectual conversation on any subject, love learning information, and have a tendency to solve problems with ease.

You are the peacemaker in situations, want to know all sides of the dispute and maintain harmony.

Libra women are objective but will defend their opinion with conviction. This is especially true for humanitarian issues.

They fight for the underdog, have a passionate and positive outlook on life, and are sensitive to the feelings of others.

Unfortunately, Libra women tend to be a little hedonistic, put their own personal pleasures above the needs of others, and have a taste for the finer things in life.

So while you will devote your time to something valuable, you will have no problem putting yourself first.

And because they are only interested in things they enjoy, they tend to distance themselves from situations so as not to have to face reality.

Also, their indecision agonizes those who have to wait while they ponder their decision.

You want to see the situation from all angles and will weigh the consequences of your decisions before going one way or the other.

Sometimes they will even doubt that the decision they made was the right one.

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Libra Woman in Love and Relationships

Libra women are not satisfied quickly and prefer to check out the dating pool before deciding on a partner. Only when she wants to commit herself does she look for her ideal partner.

Dating a Libra woman means getting to know each other through deep conversations, shared interests, and trying new things.

Once she’s found someone she’s very compatible with, it’s likely that she’ll want to get the relationship serious pretty quickly.

When she begins to fall in love, she may have difficulty coming to terms with the object of her affection, that is, she vacillates between deciding whether to actually commit or whether to continue to live independently.

She will look for any reason to leave a relationship and find something better with someone who meets her needs.

But she is also whole-heartedly, dedicated and devoted to the person she loves, and the Libra partner will never have to ask for approval.

In a relationship, Libra needs a partner to confront them when they’re selfish, indecisive, or trying to solve a problem.

She seeks a relationship that is balanced, stable, and where there isn’t too much argument because she understands her partner’s point of view.

But even though she is infatuated and caring, she can be needy and moody, and refuse to show her deep passion.

When it comes to Libra compatibility, this woman is an excellent match for the fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, as well as the air signs Gemini and Aquarius.

Leo is positive and committed, which Libra needs to balance; Sagittarius always wants to discover something, understands differences and enjoys his independence; the twin actively seeks adventure and is sociable; Aquarius values ​​justice and intellectual conversation.

Libra woman and family life

Although Libra are wonderful mothers, they find it difficult to raise their children because they prefer to avoid any kind of quarrel or argument.

She wants to stay neutral, but that lets her kids get over her. It is important that she has a partner who can take control and provide some stability.

As a mother, Libra instills respect, amazement and independence in her children.

She wants them to grow up confident and ready to take on the world, be at ease, and accept other people’s opinions.

Libra woman and friendships

Libra women get along with virtually everyone they meet, so they have no problem surrounding themselves with company and friends.

But she will devote her time and energy to the friends she considers most loyal to help them.

Always looking for ways to improve their life and friendship, she can easily solve problems and maintain harmony.

Always ready for an adventure, this woman will take her best friends with her on the journey.

She wants to push people out of their comfort zone, have a good time and share their knowledge and love.

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Libra woman and career

The Libra is a constant worker and so versatile that she excels in several professions.

She may need a bit of time to choose a career, but that’s because she can’t make up her mind! She’s great at so many things so why choose?

Careers for Libra women can really be all kinds of professions, but they prefer jobs where they do something that stimulates their brains, makes them solve problems, or something meaningful, life-changing.

She would do well as a lawyer, actress, television personality, designer, artist, musician, or educator.


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