The Truth About How You Talk Through Messages According To Your Sign

The Truth About How You Talk Through Messages According To Your Sign

Fortunately, we are all very different and that is why each of us has a way of communicating. There are signs that feel safer doing it through messages (WhatsApp, text, or messenger) and others prefer to do it face to face, it all depends on our personality. What is true is that today everyone uses social networks at some point of the day to communicate with others. If you want to know what the truth is about how you communicate by text messages according to your sign, you just have to keep reading:


Aries, you have the reputation of taking a thousand years to answer messages, and, well, the truth is that you have earned that reputation by hand. It’s not that you ignore people, you just read the messages and you forget to answer them because you have a thousand things to do and you don’t have much time. Of course, when you start answering you do it carefully, but it is also true that this only happens once a month at most. You prefer to communicate face to face.


Taurus, when you send messages you go straight to the point because you know that everything that is written on social networks can be misunderstood and you go from having unnecessary bad vibes. You know that your messages can also be interpreted as harsh, dry, and even distant, but you prefer to say things clearly before beating around the bush. You don’t like to waste time and less if you have to be writing for it.


Gemini, you send in fifteen different messages that you could write in one. Yes, you are like that, but it is what it is and people who want to communicate with you through social networks have to accept it. Also, you prefer to communicate in groups because you prefer to save time. That of having to send the same thing to different people separately you see as idiotic. You are the person who creates the groups even to ask what the weather is like outside. You love creating groups of friends.


Cancer, when you start writing messages you give everything. You can’t help but wear bows and express everything you feel because you know that many times expressing it in person costs you much more. That is why you take advantage of this method of communication, to be honest, and make things clear. Your messages are long and intense, yes, but thanks to the others can know much more about you. Don’t be ashamed of it.


Leo, the truth is that you don’t send many text messages, you prefer to send photos with funny filters to communicate on social networks. Basically, you don’t like to waste your time with this kind of thing, especially if what you have to say is important because you prefer to talk in person about those things. You take advantage of the messages to have a good time and share memes and that kind of thing. You know very well what you do.


Virgo, you have things very clear and you don’t like to send many messages because you know that your intentions can be misunderstood. You know that they are a good tool, but when you have to say something important, you prefer to make a call so that there are no unnecessary bad vibes. You are very intelligent and you know perfectly well how to use this type of tool, there is no one to sneak it to you and everyone already knows that.


Libra, writing by the message is a good tool for you to get all the information you need. You love asking all kinds of questions to see where people come from. You know that information is power and you love that. It’s not that you’re a gossip, but you like to be aware of everything that happens. You don’t stop asking, but when you get what you want, you don’t go shouting that information from the rooftops either. You can be from the FBI team of the zodiac, I don’t know why they are surprised.


Scorpio, the truth is that you prefer not to communicate with messages because you know that sometimes your ways are not correct or are misunderstood by everyone. You are tired of apologizing for things that you don’t think about or don’t want to say like that. You prefer to communicate face to face and stop fooling around because you know that with these things you will always be the bad guy because no matter how good your messages are, others will always set the tone they want.


Sagittarius, you always start with a little joke to get into a long conversation that lasts all day. You love talking to everyone, you have no problem talking for hours and hours as long as you are talking to that person who makes your day so happy. Never stop sending a message about what people may think because you already have the “no”, so go for it and don’t think about it so much.


Capricorn, you are not against communicating in this way, but you are not going to be the one to make the first move. If they speak to you, you answer, but you go after people. You have more important things to do and you prefer to communicate face to face, so you are not going to be the one to initiate a conversation through social networks unless you have no other choice. Capri, you are traditional and it shows.


Aquarius, you are free in all aspects and you do not like that they are sending you messages at all hours. That’s why you only communicate this way to share funny memes or videos. You talk to people in person, you spend a lot of time wasting so that later they misunderstand your words. You don’t usually reply to messages right away because you completely forget you’ve read them. You are like that and that’s how you have to love yourself.


Pisces, you are a creative soul and you use this method of communication as another tool to unleash all your imagination. You like to send messages to share your craziest ideas, but also to laugh and have a good time. You are one of those people who expresses everything you feel through messages, but you are not afraid to express it in person either. That’s why it’s always 100% you. It does not matter how you are communicating because you will always speak from your heart.


The Truth About How You Talk Through Messages According To Your Sign


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