The three-week rule that you absolutely need after a breakup

What is the time you need to feel at home after the breakup?

We all know that separations are absolutely puking and that there is no magical formula to heal and release you from the pain. However, there is a pattern that repeats after each separation.

I know you are tired of being so helpless and broken and you think that the feelings of doom and darkness will never disappear. However, there is a way to make the process easier for yourself. You have to realize that after every crappy breakup, there is a pattern that keeps repeating itself. Recognizing this will finally give you the morale boost you so desperately need.

Do you want to know what I’m talking about? 


After each break you need exactly three weeks to get the feeling that you can breathe again. Three weeks until the withdrawal symptoms finally leave the body and the pain finally subsides.

Everyone has their own problems, of course, and there is no cure to heal your broken heart in minutes. People are too different to be plausible.

What I’m talking about here is something else.

I speak of resisting this original urge to return and find another solution. I’m talking about the ability to get along without the touch of the ex-partner and to actually handle it so that it does not come back. Believe me, I know how painful it all is.

I’m talking about not calling, texting or asking for them. And if you really need some good advice on how to best deal with it, this is right for you. It takes exactly three weeks to avoid having to return to him. It takes three weeks until you realize that you do not have to write him a message and that you are doing very well on your own.

All the shit you’ve been through, all the sleepless nights you’ve been calling or writing and where you can barely hold back – all of that takes a back seat.

After three weeks, everything will disappear from your system and you will be able to function properly and deal with your feelings.

No, you will not be healed suddenly, because the emotions never just go away like that. I know we all would like that. But it will not be that easy. However, something else very important happens to you. The change in the three weeks will change your view of things and improve your mental health by far. And the whole thing will be a great revelation for you. 

Tears are flowing in the first three weeks, you feel a hole in your stomach and a constant feeling of fear. You moan in front of your best friend and cry in front of your mother. Nobody can pass it. The good news, however, is that after three simple weeks, the likelihood of having a switch in your head is greatly increased and you’ll be refreshed on the 22nd and wake up like a new self.

Yes, you will still have some residual emotions in you, but you will be able to deal with them a lot easier mentally. Even if it is a difficult separation. Regardless of who initiated it, after three short weeks, you get a new, healthy perspective that fundamentally changes the way you handle things from now on.

The withdrawal symptoms will all be gone. You will rid your body and mind of the constant need for a solution, and you will be able to wake up in the morning without having to see or hear it. Your desire to save the relationship or make things straight again will suddenly fade.

I know it sounds weird and I would probably see it the same way if I had not experienced it personally more than once. But there are always exactly three weeks. 


Knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel gives one such hope. Is not it reassuring to know that you only have to endure those three short weeks before it gets better? All you really need is a little hope on your worst days, and this revelation gives you just that. It’s the anchor you can hold on to when you can not see a way out. Otherwise, it is like a pit with no bottom, with no end in sight.

But knowing these three weeks could mean a fresh start. It’s all a woman really needs to rebuild every morning and endure the emotional setbacks. Because as soon as this short time has passed you will notice that this three-week resolution rule completely changes the game and that your life will never be the same again.

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