The strongest girls are the ones who always feel like they should be doing more. Even if they run from here to there all week and never get a moment of rest, they still feel like they could have been more productive. You are on the verge of exhaustion. You never stop. They run, run, and run.

The strongest girls are the ones who, even if they take a single second break, make life difficult for themselves. They feel like they can never take a break. They feel lazy when they don’t push their limits.

The strongest girls are the ones who tear themselves apart until they gasp. They toil between nine and five. And even when their working hours are up, they aren’t really done. They are always thinking about how to get back up the corporate ladder. Their bodies may relax in bed, but the brain never shuts off.

The strongest girls are those who are not satisfied with living an average life. You want more than that. You want to find happiness. You want to feel fulfilled. They want to know that their life has a purpose, that they are not wasting their time on this planet.

The strongest girls are the ones who feel like they should make more money. That they should live in a bigger house, drive a fancier car. They always find something to criticize themselves for because no matter how much they accomplish, it’s never good enough for them. You can never quench your thirst.

The strongest girls are the ones who look around and think about how their world should change. They are never satisfied with what they have because they know their own potential. They know they can do better. They never make themselves comfortable because they don’t want to settle for less than they deserve.

The strongest girls are the ones who are tough on themselves even though they give everything every lazy day. The ones who find it difficult to rest even after working continuously for months. The ones who never stop moving, even though everyone around them sees that they long deserve a vacation.

The strongest girls are the ones who have a million dreams, big dreams, dreams that some people think are unreachable. Even if there is a chance that they will fail, that they will disappoint everyone including themselves, they never lose motivation. They believe in themselves even when the rest of the world doubts them. You are ready to pursue your passion across all borders.

The strongest girls are those who think they are behind in life but are actually one step ahead. The ones who don’t realize how much they have accomplished so early in life. Those who make themselves strong by settling for nothing less than the best.


The strongest girls always think that they are behind in life

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