You may not know, but the position you sleep with your partner in tells a lot about your romantic relationship.

Sleeping in the spoon position, for example, has a very special meaning.

You also reveal a lot about yourself through your daily habits, the way you dress, talk, and walk.

The fact is that every couple has their own personality that, consciously or unconsciously, expresses itself outwardly.

This is mainly reflected in the frequency of public affection, the way you talk to one another, and the way you treat one another.

Yes, a couple’s sleeping positions can be very instructive as this is what your subconscious is about.

There is no ego, no social norms that one has to respect. It’s just two people who want to sleep together, comfortable and happy.

So be careful how you fall asleep and wake up because these couple sleeping positions could say a lot about your relationship.

Today we’re going to focus on the most famous of them all. Indeed, sleeping in the spoon position is the preferred choice for couples.

Besides, it’s almost natural, instinctive. But why do so many people choose to sleep in the spoon position?

What are the advantages? And most importantly, what is the significance of this position for your relationship?

How to sleep in a spoon position?

I will try to describe this position to you as well as possible.

When sleeping in the spoon position, lie on your side and hug your partner.

The first arm rests under your partner while the second rests on their waist.

You’re both looking in the same direction so you can’t see each other’s face.

As for the legs, you can do whatever you want.

Some like to let them go free, while others like to include them in their partner’s as well.

We call the big spoon , the person who hugs their partner.

And, we call the teaspoon , the person who hugs the arms of his half.

In general, the taller person plays the role of the big spoon because this position is more comfortable for them.

But there is no hard and fast rule. Everyone can be the big spoon or the little spoon, regardless of gender.

It’s just a matter of preference. For example, some find the role of the teaspoon more pleasant.

Others want to protect their partner in the big spoon position.

The importance of sleeping in a spoon position

In this position, the couples lie on their side, face to face, and touch.

This sleeping position is common at the beginning of a relationship and reveals the passion and need to be close to the partner.

This calming and trusting cuddle position is considered traditional, but is preferred by couples with active life.

This is because sleeping in the spoon position means you will feel close and safe with your partner.

Your relationship has reached a certain degree of balance and harmony.

Well, one partner’s pelvic area touches the other’s back area, so there is a concept of vulnerability.

And if that doesn’t say: “I trust you” then I don’t know what that means! The person who hugs their partner plays the role of protector.

That is why we can see that happy and very loving couples very often choose to sleep with the spoon position.

In the minds of many people, spoon-sleeping is linked to love.

But that is not necessarily the case. Some people just like to sleep in this position.

On the other hand, if both partners are in a naughty mood, spooning can naturally lead to love.

The importance of the spoon position when the man is the big spoon

The pose in which she is a little spoon shows the partner’s deep connection and a high level of trust.

This pose has a strong hint, but the innocence of the dream that accompanies it shows a very strong confidence in him.

Intimacy and security, tension, but also the message “I will protect you” adorn this relationship.

This pose is also often used by the man as a subtle invitation to loce.

The importance of the spoon position when the woman is the big spoon

If the partners sleep with the woman on the outside and hugging the man with her hands, then this sleeping position has a different meaning for the relationship.

The pose in which the man takes the position of a small spoon describes the woman s more dominant.

She is extremely protective and often very possessive of her partner.

The position shows that the woman has also taken on an important role in the relationship and that she must protect her husband.

If you’re not a fan of the spoon position, here are some variations:

Don’t like to sleep in the spoon position?

Or do you just want to change your habits?

Here are some ideas for sleeping in pairs that come very close to the spoon position.

1. The distant spoon position

The couple take the position of the spoon, but with a distance of a few centimetres.

This means that you love your partner, but you also need your personal space.

In short, you need to breathe to get a good quality sleep.

2. The ball and the spoon

Here is another variation on the spoon position.

The large spoon adopts the same posture as in the classic spoon position.

However, the teaspoon will curl up into a ball.

3. The big spoon and the baby spoon

Again, the person in the role of the big spoon remains in the same position.

But the person who plays the role of the teaspoon curls up into a ball and faces their partner.

This position is very similar to the classic spoon position, but more comfortable.

4. Spoon in a drawer

Everything changes in this position.

The large spoon lies on its back and the teaspoon lies on the large spoon (facing it).

As you can see, there are several alternatives to the tray position.

So choose the one you prefer and enjoy a great cuddle session.

Sleeping in the spoon position isn’t just a way of feeling close to your partner.

In fact, this position has many benefits for your physical and mental health.

In fact, the spoon position allows you to send almost subconscious messages to your partner.

This is how you comfort him or her with your feelings for them, but also with your intention to support, encourage, and protect him or her.

In short, spooning your sleep has many benefits for you and your romantic relationship.

Here are the 5 main benefits of spoon positioning.

1. Sleeping in the spoon position gives you a better quality of sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep or are very restless while sleeping, sleeping in the spoon position will help you calm down.

In fact, the oxytocin released when you sleep in the spoon position has a positive role in the health of your sleep.

People who suffer from insomnia or sleep apnea feel some relief when their partner’s arms embrace them.

So if you sleep in a spoon position, you will have a better quality of sleep.

Also, when you get up in the morning, you will be really rested.

2. The spoon position is very relaxing

The same applies here: If you are stressed from work or daily obligations, you can adopt a more relaxed posture when sleeping in the spoon position.

This is because the spoon position helps the nervous system relax and lowers blood pressure, which makes people feel calm.

For example, have you ever noticed that a hug from your partner helps you control your anger or sadness?

Well, the same goes for the sleeping position. In fact, sleeping in the spoon position is a prolonged hug that releases any tension you may be feeling.

3. Sleeping in the spoon position allows you to create more privacy

It sounds obvious, but being close to a partner can strengthen the bond – both physical and emotional – between you.

In fact, you don’t have to use words to express how you feel about the other.

The mere fact that you are in his arms says a lot.

After all, you’re not always in the mood to communicate, so you can spoon and tell the other that you care about them without having to say anything.

That’s why many new couples choose to spoon-sleep every night.

4. The spoon position is a way of showing your partner that you support him

Have you ever fallen asleep with your partner in the spoon position after a big argument?

Certainly not! Why actually? Simply because at that point you didn’t want to give her love or show her that you love her.

You got it right … Sleeping in the spoon position means proving to your other half that you want to be with him or her.

You are telling him or her that you support them, you are encouraging him or her to go forward and most importantly you are telling him or her that you are ready to do whatever you can to protect him or her.

5. The spoon position helps you to release feel-good hormones

Oxytocin , also affectionately known as the “hug chemical” or “love hormone” , is said to be released when two people sleep in the spoon position.

The same goes for dopamine and serotonin, but the hormone oxytocin in particular can promote bonding.

And it’s been linked to a number of other benefits, including reducing pain and stress.

Dopamine, on the other hand, manifests itself in rewarding actions. And serotonin can help regulate everything from mood to appetite to sleep.

In short, when you sleep in the spoon position, you are a little bit like heaven.

When should you change your sleeping position?

As you can see, sleeping in the spoon position has many advantages for your personal well-being, but also for the well-being of your partner.

But, as with all good things, don’t overdo it! As soon as you start to feel uncomfortable, you need to change your position.

You may suddenly feel too hot or feel like you are suffocating.

So you either have to take a step back or choose another, more appropriate position.

Finally, I understand that sleeping in a spoon position is much more difficult in summer than in winter.

Then we must not forget the famous “dead arm syndrome”.

In fact, if you stay in the same position with your partner for too long, that is, in the spoon position, you start to feel cramps in your arm.

In addition, this feeling, which initially tickles, can quickly become painful.

So don’t hesitate to signal to your partner that it is time to switch positions when this happens.

It’s really about enjoying that special moment.

So if sleeping in the spoon position becomes uncomfortable, do not continue with it.


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