The Signs That Run The Most From Love And Those Who Live It Fully

Run The Most From Love

The Signs That Run The Most From Love And Those Who Live It Fully

We all have a different view of love and while some seek it endlessly, there are others who run from it as much as they can. In most cases, the experiences we have lived throughout our lives define how we act in love. But, there is a large component that is determined by our personality and, therefore, by our Zodiac sign. The signs that most flee from love and those that live it fully:


Aries are people who neither run away from love nor seek it. The truth is that being so passionate, they tend to move by the instinct of the moment. For this reason, for them, love is something that must be experienced in the moment. Of course, if they see something they don’t like in a relationship, they end it quickly. They prefer not to be in a relationship than to be in a relationship and argue daily. 


Taurus are those who flee from love. They are very sentimental and emotional people and they know that it is easy to get hurt. When they fall in love, they do it without hesitation and then they end up suffering the consequences. For this reason, they do not seek to fall in love and, in fact, they try to avoid situations that could lead them to it. 


Gemini natives do not run away from love at all. They are not closed to any experience, and they know that they are going to learn from everything they experience. They are aware that things are not always going to go well for them, but they also know that it is worth living whatever life puts before them. They never refuse to live love fully. 


They are not the ones most exposed to love and they are people who suffer a lot from it. Like Taurus, they are people who fall in love, but they are also aware of the damage that falling in love can cause them. For this reason, we can say that they are not close to love, but they do view all opportunities with great suspicion. In fact, it is easy to see them closing the door on many occasions; But, if they are not clear about it, they are not going to take any steps. 


The natives of the sign of Leo are very intuitive people and they recognize at first sight the intentions of those who are close to them. For this reason, we must say that Leos are not the ones who have the most relationships. It is not that they flee from love, but from those people who know they will not give them what they are looking for. In this sense, then, we can say that they do not flee from love, but they do have very marked limits. 


People born under the sign of Virgo are lovers of love. They do not run from it, rather they seek it. For this reason, it is easy to see them suffer from a lack of love. However, they know well that, when they find the right love, they will have everything they have always wanted and dreamed of. In your case, it’s just a matter of adjusting expectations and living more in the moment. They are people who are made to love and they show it day by day.


If there is someone who knows how to find balance in everything, it is a Libra. For this reason, when we talk about running away from love or living it, Libras always stand halfway. They do not refuse to live love, but they are very cautious when it comes to giving their heart. Since they know that they can fall in love easily, they prefer to keep a safe distance until they see if the relationship fits what they need. 


They run away from love as much as they can until they are not sure they have found this special person. The truth is that, even when in a relationship, Scorpios are quite cold people. It is not easy to be in a relationship with them: it is difficult for them to open up and talk about their feelings. Of course, they know their way of being and know how to compensate their partners when they see it necessary.  


They live love without a moment’s hesitation. The good thing about Sagittarians is that they don’t fall in love with the first person they see, and they know that living in the moment is more important than thinking about the future or what the relationship can become. They love to fall in love and live their dates with great passion. 


It cannot be said that Capricorns run away from love; in fact, if they feel like they’ve found that special someone, they jump right into it without thinking twice. Of course, they also know how to set their limits and do not go after the first person who shows them attention. They are quite selective.


Aquarians are the ones who flee the most from love and, for them, love represents ties. Although they do not dislike being in love, natives of this sign know that relationships, if they work, evolve and reach a point where commitments are essential. And they are not very willing to give up their personal space or lose their independence. For this reason, relationships are usually complicated and they prefer to avoid closing themselves to one of them.


Pisces is one of the people who believe in love the most. They are very amorous, and romantic and are always looking for their ideal partner. They know well that not all comply with what they require; but, out of love, they are capable of adapting to extremes. When a relationship ends, they have a very hard time, and they need to turn to friends or family to be able to overcome this difficult time for them. However, when they meet another person who seems interesting to them, they will believe in love again and take a step forward to enjoy it again. 

Enjoying love is something that we should all do because it gives us a lot. Our life is much fuller, we have moments of fun and moments in which we feel most loved. However, there are also moments that are not so good. Despite this, running away from love and closing ourselves off to new opportunities is not usually the most appropriate response. There is no need to blindly “believe” in love, but there is no need to run away from it either. Finding a good balance, being realistic, and taking things slowly are essential to enjoying healthy and positive relationships in our lives.

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