The Signs And Their Relationship With Food

Relationship With Food

The Signs And Their Relationship With Food

Let me know what you eat and how you eat and I will tell you who you are. This phrase could summarize a facet of our life determined by our character. And our character is determined by our sign, you already know. Do you want to know what the relationship is with the food of each sign? Well, keep reading, and you may still get a surprise. The signs and their relationship with food:


Obviously, Aries, how could it be otherwise, eats fast, very fast, and most of the time it is about killing hunger. For Aries, behind the act of eating there may not have to be any ceremony to waste time on. And if one day the occasion or the company is worth this ceremony, it is given, of course. For Aries, almost nothing in life is a problem, everything has a solution and the right concerns. Yes, because of his physical condition, he knows that he has to eat well to stay in shape, and in that sense, he may be concerned about what he eats. He likes everything and he is grateful for what someone can cook for him. oh! And something that he loves is that there are places to eat something quickly, or that they can prepare food for him and take it running on the way to… wherever he goes. But what a pleasure!


Eating is a pleasure for Taurus, as many of you know. Taurus does not eat to eat, but food has something of a magical ritual for this sign. He likes quality food, above all, and he likes the context that surrounds eating: if it’s a good restaurant, the better, and if the table is set with taste, with beautiful crockery and glassware, his aesthetic sense leads him to enjoy eating more. And if there is a good company, all the better. Taurus is also selective when it comes to trying new foods. But it all comes about because since he enjoys good dishes so much, he doesn’t want to take risks and by trying a new food or condiment, a moment that seems very special to him is spoiled. For this reason, Taurus likes to eat in the usual places, or always cook similar dishes. He likes spices, and he craves sweets.


Geminis eat when they are hungry and if they don’t have much time one day, they eat anything and go about their business with no time to waste. Geminis like buffets, because he has a lot to choose from, and since he likes variety in everything so much… And as for restaurants, he enjoys the ones he knows and also enjoys trying new ones. Being very attached to nothing or no one is not for this sign. What really matters to Geminis is the company to eat. He likes good conversations and happiness around a table, and if the meal lasts with a good after-dinner meal, it could be said that Geminis are happy and happy. So much so that he even eats little, because he will be more aware of the people and what is being talked about. More than cooking, he will like to be invited, but he will be grateful for everything you put on him,


Cancer enjoys food, eating in the company of his family, his house, the kitchen, and the people he loves around the table that he has prepared with care and the food that he has cooked for hours without giving a single care minute. Pure generosity of Cancer from the time he gets up until he goes to bed. Food is important to Cancer, but the environment created around food is even more important, the quality of the aromas, the conversations, and the warmth of the people who love each other around a good meal. It is the world of Cancerian emotions extended to the table, dishes, and food, many of which will even remind you of your childhood or bring to mind very happy family moments. Cancer is the sign of home par excellence, and the kitchen is usually one of the most important rooms in the house.


How could it be otherwise, to Leo He likes to eat well but above all, he likes fashionable, luxury restaurants, where he can enjoy food, but also design, shows off, and shows off in good company. And telling it later is that it drives him crazy, but not to make him envious, it’s that it’s something that makes him happy, and sharing it with his family complements all that happiness. And Leo will pay well for all this. Leo is not the type of person who wants a lot but pays little for it. What’s more, since he knows the value of things and their price, he will enjoy paying a lot more if the place and the food are worth it. Between Leo and quality, there seems to be a close relationship. Leo doesn’t use just anything, and at mealtime, he will try to ensure that his diet is healthy and varied. And it can become a ritual, especially if we take into account that it is a fixed sign,


Virgo’s relationship with food has to be a balanced relationship, as she likes all relationships in her life to be. Virgo is very concerned about their health and that is why he chooses to eat healthy, very healthy products. Sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition are issues that are quite identified with the nature of Virgo, therefore, the care of the food in its quality and in its preparation will be something that is part of his daily habits. Virgo’s diets are not to lose weight but to be healthy, to purify their body, to cleanse themselves… They like to know the values ​​of food, their quality, what is being put in their mouths at all times… Virgo knows well and knows what is best for your body, if something can make you sick, or if bad digestion is going to spoil your night’s rest.


For Libra to enjoy food, what they will need is a beautiful place and the best company. And there you will be happy. Fashion restaurants attract your attention, with fusion food, the aesthetic presentations of products, and well-worked and designed dishes. All this goes for special occasions because Libra likes to eat healthily, and every day, to eat at home, they will have their favorite products, simple and easy to prepare. But it’s not like he’s too overwhelmed thinking about how to organize himself to buy, cook… and he’ll move through times between eating better and indulging in many treats between meals (because he’ll have an empty fridge). Now to enjoy the weekend is when Libra looks for beautiful and modern places to enjoy the best company. What Libra likes from the heart is what has previously had to enter through the eyes. And with that philosophy, he values ​​most of the things he enjoys in life.


Scorpio is one of the most responsible signs of the Zodiac, they are usually very aware of what they are doing and do not take things lightly, therefore, at mealtime they will not be less and they will try to eat as well as possible within your preferences and needs. Likewise, and as a good Water sign, always impregnated with their emotional world, they can experiment with food on a sensory level and enjoy it with all their senses. The classic thing would be to say that what Scorpio likes the most is aphrodisiac food, but we must not fall into clichés. You like this food, and many others, but your relationship will be normal, practical, and conscious. You will enjoy a good restaurant just like eating at home, and you will pay close attention when something is wrong with you because it will quickly separate you from your diet.


As a good liver and experimenter, Sagittarius You can love home cooking but you also lend yourself to discovering new places, and sometimes you even look for foreign food restaurants to try again what you liked so much in that country or in that other. Remembering places through flavors allows you to travel even mentally, and for Sagittarius, that is life itself. With his desire to learn and his ability to memorize, he will learn stories of many foods and foods according to different cultures, and it will be easy for him to gather his family around him, in long after-dinner meals, whom he will encourage with his stimulating anecdotes and experience of to live. In general, Sagittarius eats everything and loves to try new things. His planet Jupiter symbolizes abundance and in terms of food, that leads him to always put too much on his plate,


Capricorn is simple and practical with things to eat, food and shopping. He likes quality, eating healthy, not testing or wasting time with culinary issues and nonsense, and ordinary foodies, gourmets, etc. Capricorn looks at the price of things, and with food, if necessary, he spends whatever it is, but if it is not necessary, he hates spending for the sake of spending. You won’t let your monthly budget wobble from overindulging and spending a fortune at a restaurant. A simple, healthy, familiar meal without unnecessary decorations or exotic ingredients could make it more expensive. That is what Capricorn is looking for when choosing one place or another to eat.


Aquarius, with food, is the same as with everything in life: an experimenter, at the same time as a transgressor and innovator. He likes to try everything, he dares with any dish or product and does not object to trying anything that is placed on a table for him. He also likes to go to restaurants where he can get to know food from other countries. Aquarius’s mentality is very open, he has no prejudices, and precisely with food he will always be open to all kinds of suggestions. And the rarer and different the better. Due to intelligence and a desire for knowledge, Aquarius is perhaps one of the best-informed signs in terms of the nutrition of the entire Zodiac. As a fixed Air sign, he will try to maintain a good regulation of his metabolism. In addition, your planet Uranus favors quick reactions, so observing how what you eat suits you,


Pisces is greatly influenced by their mood at mealtime. As he has heartbreak, he will eat less and feed on sighs. Perhaps all this is exaggerated, but the reality is that Pisces can really like to eat or not, in one place or another, with people or alone… Pisces adapts to the moment, to the circumstances, just as it adapts to everything in life. life. As you like to experiment and you are very spiritual, you will try exotic or organic diets and foods, and you will also like practices such as fasting or eating in vegetarian restaurants. For Pisces, if cleansing your body with a fast is a way to bring it to life, of course, you will do this and any other practices that you think connect your body and spirit.

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