Neither the good are so good, nor the bad is so bad. As much as we want to avoid it, no matter how much we do to protect ourselves, there is always someone who comes to play with our feelings and break our hearts. There are signs that we are more compatible with than others, but this goes beyond compatibility. This is the sign that probably ends up breaking your heart according to your Zodiac sign.



You have to be careful because who surely ends up breaking your heart is another Aries. Yes, at first everything is going well because you understand each other and you know where the limits are. Passion has no measure between two people with so much fire inside. An Aries in your life is the spark you needed so much. But, in a short time, the relationship will end up becoming a constant struggle of pride, ego, and competitiveness. On the one hand, it is easy to attract a person like you, but, on the other hand, it is very difficult to make two people who are equal do not end up crashing. You will be constantly arguing and confronting each other.


You are a very quiet person, who prefers to stay at home rather than being all day from top to bottom. You are quite introverted and do not usually express your feelings out there to anyone. Who probably ends up breaking your heart will be a person of the Libra sign. Even if you have things in common, Libra is much more social and open than you. He will always want to go out and spend time with his friends and you will want something much quieter. You are signs governed by the planet Venus and yes, that can make you compatible signs, but you will discuss and it will cost you a lot to agree on many things.


You need constant fun, you like to laugh, have fun and not take things too seriously. Who probably ends up breaking your heart is a person of the Cancer sign. It is a water sign that needs to express your emotions at all times, talk about what you feel and a lot of stability. And for your part, Gemini, you need other things. It catches you and you are very attracted to the charisma and the mysterious character of Cancer and that is the worst of it. You will fight to find the balance between your fun and your feelings, but it will be difficult to find it and in the end, it will end up breaking your heart.


You have to be very careful when joining two water signs. Too many emotions together will end up too revolutionized in the end. Cancer, who probably ends up breaking your heart, will be someone of the Scorpio sign. You are very intense and emotional people. Actually, Scorpio may come to understand you better than any other sign because it is easy for him to put himself in your place. But it can be exhausting to also have to deal with your emotions. In addition, Scorpio is very capricious in love and you, on the contrary, are somewhat more committed. That will be the main reason for your break …


Leo, although at first, you may become very attracted to its mystery and ambition, it is very likely that Capricorn will end up breaking your heart. You are different in many ways. For example, Leo, you are much more impulsive and Capri is more patient. You are more open-minded and he/she is a little more squared. But in the end, what will end up crashing are your egos and your pride. You like to be the center of attention and always be right and Capricorn will not give his arm to twist and in the end, you will end up discussing more than you would like. Capricorn will break your heart because it won’t be able to keep up with you.


You are a person who always needs to have things under control and well planned. At your side, you need a person who gives you security and someone you can trust. Probably end up breaking your heart someone of fire, more concrete, someone of the Sagittarius sign. His adventurous and determined spirit catches your attention, but in time you will realize that you are not compatible at all. When you are by his side, you feel the bad guy in the movie, the spoiler of the relationship and the one who tries to be responsible. In addition, you ask for commitment and that Sagittarius will not give it to you just like that.


You are a super friendly person and you like to share your heart not only with your partner but also with your friends or your family. You are super independent and you don’t like them being on you all day. Probably who ends up breaking your heart in some or some Cancer. The crab needs to develop a much deeper connection and that can confuse you. In the end, the way in which Cancer expresses his love will hurt you a lot. You can be compatible in many ways, but without a doubt, the emotional connection is not your strongest point. Also, the dark side of Cancer is too dangerous for you.


You are very reserved for absolutely everything, Scorpio. Although you are quite intense and emotional, you need your space and you hate people who get where they don’t call you. As much as you trust those people, you want them to leave time for you. Who will end up breaking your heart will be someone of the sign Aries. That brave and rebellious character of Aries can quite attract you, but problems will come when Aries doesn’t understand that you need things to slow down. Aries will end up breaking your heart and abandoning the relationship before the account for his damn impatience.


Although a relationship with someone of the same sign may sound too tempting, deep down it is very dangerous. Everything will start being super fun and there is no doubt that there will be no lack of adventures, but you will quickly have difficulty finding the basis of the relationship. You both fight for independence and freedom and that can create a lack of stability and commitment in the relationship. You can have a good time together, but after all the same poles repel each other. So, Sagittarius, who will end up breaking your heart will be another Sagittarius.


You are a very practical person with clear ideas. From early on, you know what you want and you know what your path is going to be. That’s why you always work hard to reach those goals. Who probably ends up breaking your heart will be one or one Pound. For you, Libra can be a breath of fresh air, it can reawaken your more social side, but it will end up stressing your indecision and insecurities too much. Libra will break your heart because it will be unable to catch up and because its social side will activate your distrust and jealousy.


You like to do things your way and you are very improvising on the go. You value your freedom a lot and need someone to let you remain independent. Although Capricorn can give you that stability that you sometimes need, it will undoubtedly end up breaking your heart. You don’t understand his way of imposing his rules and he/she won’t understand the way you do things. You are super incompatible and that will make you crash a lot constantly. Your heart is not ready to be controlled, Aquarius, and so it will end up breaking.


Pisces, you are quite intuitive and emotional, you act according to what your heart tells you. You need a lot of time to understand your feelings and you like to take things easy. Who will end up breaking your heart will be some or some Aries. You are attracted to their strength and charisma, but a long-term relationship will not be right for you. You will feel quite pressured and you will not be able to do things at your own pace. In addition, the authoritarian character of Aries is not compatible with your sensitive character. Aries will end up breaking your heart because he won’t know how to wait for you and because he will think only of his own well-being.