The September full moon has a particularly strong influence on these zodiac signs

On the night of September 21st, the September full moon illuminates the sky. Since this natural phenomenon falls directly at the beginning of autumn , it is traditionally also known as the autumn moon. Some zodiac signs are significantly more influenced by this than others.

You can read what they are here!


This zodiac always wants to use its time as effectively as possible. This is where the September full mouth comes in at the right time. Because the fish are currently at a motivational high! You feel strong and really want to change the world. Or just start with little things, like sprucing up your apartment, parting with unnecessary things and creating a plan for what is going to happen in the next few months. Now nothing can stop you!


Sometimes it just takes a little nudge from the universe and you’re back on the right path. In this case, it is the autumn moon that takes Virgo to where she has always wanted to be. The power of the moon gives the zodiac sign an extra dose of courage . And that is what virgins should take advantage of now! Because no matter whether privately or professionally: now is the time to just let go of everything that concerns you. You will see, it works wonders!


Have you already had coffee today? No, that is all alone the energy that the September full moon radiates! Scales are just gushing with enterprise. Usually, after a long day at work, the zodiac sign is ripe for bed. But right now it cannot decide what to do first. Sports? An after work drink? Or cinema? The Libra would like to do all of this at the same time. But so that the zodiac sign doesn’t shoot all its powder at once, it should try to draw on this newly gained energy for as long as possible.

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