The Self-destructive Habit In Which Each Sign Can Fall

The Self-destructive Habit In Which Each Sign Can Fall

We all have some weak points, that issue in which once we fall it is very difficult for us to get out and be ourselves again. Matters that make us eat our heads day and night, causing us emotional pain and anxiety. If we don’t realize it in time, these ideas can lead us into a circle from which it is impossible to get out and that only harms us. Once we are inside we will have to understand that staying there will only cause more discomfort and that the exit begins with a firm decision that we will have to make. Surely you are wondering what is the self-destructive habit in which each sign can fall…


Having clear ideas, knowing that we don’t want that anymore in our lives, and deciding to do whatever it takes to overcome it is the first step. Then we can ask for help and get down to work so as not to fall again. Each sign usually enters into certain ideas that may seem silly to others, but no one has the right to say that your problem is insignificant because it is about how you live it and only you know how difficult it is for you to get out of this. Keep reading, then we will tell you the self-destructive habit in which each sign can fall.


for you aries, the fear of failing both others and yourself is what drives you crazy, what causes you anger and frustration. And once you start to think that you can fail, you fall into a vicious circle, you can’t help feeling that you have to keep doing more and more. And the fear is getting bigger and bigger. You know that there are times when no matter how much you do things, you never feel that it is enough, you always need to be the best and this is exhausting, but in your case, this may be the self-destructive habit we are talking about. Surely you have ever gotten sick from not getting enough rest or from being angry all day, rabid. Another habit you can fall into is wanting only what you can’t have, like that person you can hang on to for years, but who does not want to take the step with you and who often stops you from giving another chance to someone new, who perhaps would not make you feel that you are not enough. Wake up, Aries, and don’t do these things to yourself, you know that once you’re inside these circles it’s very hard for you to get out and you lose months suffering senselessly. You are worth a lot and you know that you will never fail the people you love just for taking a break, and you also know that you deserve someone who values ​​you and is dying to be with you.


Taurus, when you start to dwell on the idea that you are not enough, you are entering into your most dangerous self-destructive habit. You don’t always really know what you’re worth, which is a lot. You start to spin your head thinking about things that happen or don’t come into your life and in the end, you think that it’s your own fault. But it is not like that, not everything is in your hands, and if something does not go well it can be simple luck. If you go to bed every night looking at your flaws instead of your virtues, in the end, you will end up not getting out of bed, depressed, and totally vulnerable to being manipulated by other people. On the other hand, we get into issues related to not having enough resources for what you need at all times, that is, feeling that you never have enough money.


For you Gemini, your self-destructive habit has to do with friendships that are too invasive. You like to find special people who keep up with you, but sometimes they take too much confidence. So much so that they practically seem to become your partner. And in the end, without realizing it, you let yourself be manipulated a little because they become something like your family, you feel that you have to please them, that you always have a good mood for them and have topics of conversation so that there are no silences. Because also, it seems that if you don’t talk all the time something can go wrong. It’s okay to have as much fun as you can and trust people, Gemini, but you can’t make other people your world, your life. Because in the end, you come first, you are the only one who really knows what happens to you on a day-to-day basis, and what you really need. And the important decisions have to be made by you, alone with your heart and your head. If you don’t set limits from the beginning, you fall into that habit which, moreover, will become smaller and suffocating.


Your self-destructive habit, Cancer, has to do with feeling abandoned. At some moments in your life, you feel how some people fail you, lose all their interest in you or simply disappear little by little as if they don’t care much about you… Then, Cancer, you start to think about it, to feel that deep pain of abandonment, and not you can stop thinking that, in the end, you may end up alone, with everyone giving you the side. They are very painful feelings that are fed with fear and it is very difficult to heal them. This also leads you to make the people around you feel that they owe you a lot, and that is why it is not right that they do not pay you the necessary attention. Or it makes you anxious because you think you have to give them a lot so they don’t leave your side. That’s why, If you are tempted to dwell on some bad experience that happens to you related to this, it will be very difficult for you to get out of that habit. You will think that your friends or your partner can leave at any moment and this will create anxiety, a bad mood, and even anger. Do not allow yourself to enter the circle, if someone has to leave, let go and do not look back, because it is not worth it Cancer.


For you, Leo, what pushes you into a self-destructive habit is feeling like you don’t get the recognition you deserve. You know what you’re worth, but you need others to realize it too and not treat you like just anyone. Especially if you make an effort in some area and you feel that your family or friends do not support you or do not recognize you, you begin to fall into that habit, you think that perhaps they do not care enough or that nothing you do will make them feel proud. Even what matters to you is worth nothing. And this is very painful, Leo, it causes you more and more rage and anger against yourself and against those around you. In addition to putting a lot of pressure on yourself in terms of expectations towards you, anxiety is because you need to prove your worth. Don’t get carried away by those ideas Leo, if not everyone recognizes what you do, think that perhaps it is because they have another way of seeing life, or maybe they are a little envious of everything you are capable of doing. But don’t be the one who suffers for that, focus on enjoying your creativity and your light.


Toxic relationships are your self-destructive habit, Virgo. It is very difficult for you to trust someone, to find the perfect person, and when you finally do it and open yourself up to that person, in your head there is no room for the idea of ​​leaving them if you discover that they are not the best for you. You go on and on, giving yourself absurd excuses. And this hurts you a lot, Virgo, because deep down you know that person is behaving badly with you but you can’t get out of it. It’s complicated because to free yourself first you have to start loving yourself a little more, realize how much you’re worth, and that you deserve better. And on the other hand, have faith, and trust that there is another person waiting to meet you, but they cannot appear if you do not leave space for them to do so. Virgo, no one like you understands that great things need time, and life may ask you to be alone after leaving that circle in order to find something better and according to all the good things you deserve. But be strong and don’t fall again, because it means starting from scratch.


Trying to always be nice to everyone is your biggest self-destructive habit, Libra. You love that life flows in balance, but many people take advantage of this quality of yours, turning it into weakness to manipulate you. They know that you don’t want to make them feel bad, and you end up being the one who exposes yourself, the one who puts up with the unbearable. Libra, sometimes you have to know how to say no, and set limits. In addition, it is impossible to always please everyone, so it is best that you decide who you really want to help, according to your own ideas, and never go against what you think or feel. Because otherwise, you will get into that self-destructive habit in which the only thing that matters to you is that everyone is happy with you, that they are your “friends”. And that in the end creates anxiety, dependency, and the feeling of losing yourself.


The self-destructive habit in which you tend to fall has to do with your way of understanding relationships and rejections. Sometimes you feel that a friend or a partner has to be there for you at all times because you really are there for them and you just need to know that it is reciprocal. But each person has their way of seeing friends and getting involved, this is what can make you lose your mind for a long time. You can be tempted to pretend that you don’t need anyone and then at the most unexpected moment take out all your frustration on the first person who allows you to open up a bit, which then makes you feel worse. Little by little you begin to distrust everyone and need many more proofs of friendship to feel that this person is right for you. And rejection can be a trigger to fall into this pit of pain. In the end, you fall into that habit of discomfort, in which you feel that perhaps the problem is you and that nobody will ever love you enough, that perhaps you are too emotional for others. But this is not so, Scorpio, people like you and want to be by your side, it’s just that everyone has their time. The most self-destructive thing is not allowing yourself to have serious relationships with anyone for fear of suffering.


Sagi, your self-destructive habit is not accepting that in life we ​​are not always happy and everything goes well, unlike other signs, in your case you can fall into this habit in many ways. For example, insisting on pretending that there is no problem in your relationships, or wanting to hide it, either by escaping to another place, avoiding yourself, or deliberately ignoring it. On the other hand, you can become very overwhelmed if you start noticing that you have inadvertently messed up and they are angry with you, and by wanting to fix it right away, you can make it worse. It makes you anxious in your circle to try to find out if someone has been upset with you and figure out how to fix it or to run away and keep running away from reality. There are quite complex issues in life, situations in which there is no way to see the positive part and yet you insist that they are not so bad. The only thing you get is to make them worse because the first thing you need to solve a problem is to accept that it exists. Use your unshakable faith to look problems in the face and trust that you will find a solution, Sagi.


For you, Capri, the self-destructive habit that does not let you sleep peacefully is related to your high expectations. With thinking day and night about your future and how to manage the present. You want things to happen that often take time to arrive, and although you know that life needs time to achieve goals, sometimes you see how there are people who rain luck from heaven without doing anything. And not you, Capri, you have to work on things to make them happen, and this makes you think about what you need day and night. It makes you wary of people who come to you just to take advantage or even pull you down. Because the only thing you give importance to is going up, Capri. It’s all very well to be focused and disciplined but you have to keep one foot out of it, so as not to fall into the harmful habit that will prevent you from seeing all the good things that life has to offer you. The goals will come sooner or later, you deserve it and you have worked for it, you can relax with that and continue doing your work without thinking that everything is going to go wrong or that nothing good ever happens to you. Look around you and enjoy a little more of the people who love you, of what nature shows you, of what day to day brings you.


Aquarius, your self-destructive habit is related to isolation. And this in turn has to do with your way of relating. Sometimes you feel that if you don’t do what you want every day, you are not free. You ignore the feelings of the person next to you, if you have felt a little overwhelmed by something, you get into your world and you will leave when you feel like it. The worst thing is that in that isolation you will be depressed and trying to escape in the least healthy way possible for your mind and body. And you know that it is very difficult for you to get out of there, you understand that when you leave, perhaps the other person is no longer for you. In addition, it bothers you a lot what they may think of you, and being in that isolation also hurts you that the rest of your friends do not understand why you close yourself off, and that is why you force yourself to go to some social commitments, which makes you even worse when you get home. That is why it is an infinite circle if you do not stand up and analyze the situation. It’s not wrong to take time for yourself, perhaps what is self-destructive is the subconscious idea that people have the power to take away your freedoms.


Your self-destructive habit, Pisces, has to do with not wanting to see reality. Many times it is so painful that you insist on putting a filter on a nuance that you like. The bad thing is that deep down you know exactly what’s going on, and living with those filters on is even more painful. You have a hard time accepting the rejection of other people towards you, your mistakes, and that life is not taken from a fairy tale. That is why you refuse to accept the guilt you may have, or, rather, the responsibility for things. You just fall into that cycle where you tell yourself that you’re the victim, or that nothing’s wrong and there’s nothing to worry about. This ends up causing you a lot of anxiety, especially when the filters are no longer enough and reality explodes in your face. Pisces,

The Self-destructive Habit In Which Each Sign Can Fall

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