Generally, cancer is a fairly honest person with their feelings. So maybe your secret obsession is not as secret as it seems. He is a very honest person, especially when it comes to saying and expressing what he feels. Cancer can’t stand lying, can’t stand the existence of secrets, so he has no problem saying openly what he likes and what he doesn’t like. The obsession with cancer is success.

Basically, he becomes obsessed with the search for happiness, stability and the fulfilment of all his dreams. Cancer is a very dreamy person, but he is also a person who works as a person to make all these dreams come true. He becomes very obsessed with finding the happiness he seeks so much during his life.

Cancer loves success, but not professional success, or the success that makes it recognized wherever it goes. No, just this success which is linked to himself, his family and the people who love him. Cancer becomes obsessed with success in relationships, family and self-love. To achieve the success to which it aspires, cancer will have to work hard, much more than it imagines. Even sometimes, you can become obsessed with the account and set goals that are too high for him/her. And this is where the problems arise.

This obsession with cancer usually doesn’t bring too many problems, but there are times when you want to go further than you really can and over there, everything is dangerous and toxic. And since it is hardly dramatic, he is capable of anything. But the best thing about this obsession is that cancer won’t stop until it finds true happiness until it achieves the success it has dreamed of so much. Cancer seeks to find the point of stability where it is happy with all its relationships, with all its projects, but especially with its self-esteem and its self-esteem.

In reality, the biggest obsession with cancer is to reach the point where you want it, to value yourself and to respect yourself as you really deserve. By the time he succeeds in trusting himself, cancer will have achieved that success that obsesses him so much.


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