We all have some terrible feature in our personality that brings out the worst of us, and that makes us get into the odd little problem. Many times we know what it is, but most of the time we don’t know how to recognize it or accept it. What we have to do is try to accept it so we can change those bad habits we have. Take note because here we show you what is that feature that makes you get into trouble …



Aries, you always think you’re right on every topic of conversation that comes to light. Most of the time, you’re really right, but it’s not always the case. When someone opposes you, it bothers you a lot, and you are not too interested in the opinions of others, you are convinced that the best option is yours.

You are not very good at working in a team, you always have to take the lead and as soon as someone is present and tries to establish a new idea you close in block. This is what usually causes you serious problems, so Aries stops being so stubborn and opens your mind. Having an open mind can help you see things from a new perspective, a perspective that may interest you a lot more.


Taurus, very few people know it, but you have a fairly changing smoke, you can be very happy and within 5 minutes you will be raging inside in anger. We know that you do not pretend to be rude and it is simply the bad mood in which you can find yourself, but it is not our fault. You should start discovering how to control your emotions and not pay your bad mood with others.

Taurus, all this is what usually brings you problems, you are a fairly calm person, but those mood swings can be desperate. Many people will not understand them and will want to end up interacting with you. What you should do is find the power within yourself so you can control your emotions 100%.


Gemini, you always have an option for every situation that comes your way and you don’t care if people know it. The people around you are eager for all the advice you have to give them. What they don’t know, is that your ideas are constantly changing, so it is very likely that what you tell them today is no longer worth tomorrow.

This usually brings you Gemini problems. For others, to be doing something today and tomorrow to be doing the opposite is a slightly hypocritical attitude, but what others don’t know is that you love versatility. You know you have to have an open mind in order to adapt to any situation. People have no fucking Gemini idea, you are still the way you are and that they give them….


Cancer the fucking anxiety is always creating problems for you, since it only makes your insecurities increase. You are aware of it because you have already seen it many times in various aspects of your life. You want to cut it from the root, but it is very difficult for you. You think a lot about what others may think about you and that’s not good Cancer.

You have to learn to truly love yourself and stop obsessing with your damn fears of whether people love you or not. All that energy you are putting into your insecurities makes you seem upset. Cancer espabila already, because otherwise you will not eat a thread in this life. Research everything that may be creating anxiety and stop it, but stop it NOW!


Leo, you have superior intelligence, intelligence that you use unconsciously to manipulate at will. It seems incredible that we are saying this about you, but you are going out of line. It seems that you are always looking for ways to get the most benefit for yourself. You don’t mind using people for it, but you don’t want to recognize it.

What you should do is concentrate to achieve everything you want for your own work. The last thing you want is for this aspect of your personality to come to light because you know that it will bring you quite a lot of problems, well rather, you don’t want to get into more problems than it has already gotten you. Leo stops being such a bastard and lets people live their lives, don’t take advantage of them.


Virgo has high ideals and you expect them to be fulfilled. Fortunately you can always do things as you really want, there is nothing to stop you. The problem is that most of the people around you do not want to live the same way as you. That desire of you to have a perfect life, that everything is perfect makes others hate you.

Virgo can sometimes become quite stubborn and this is what brings you serious problems. You are not a person whose arm twists. You prefer to do your own thing, even if you have to do it yourself, but things have to be well done. What you have to do is open your mind a little if you don’t want to see yourself very, but very alone.


Libra you always look for others, but occasionally you do very well to put yourself in first position. It is very important to put the first one and not be manipulated by other people. What happens Libra that since you are not used to it, you don’t know very well how to take this position and sometimes freckles of being a little arrogant.

This can bring you serious problems. Everyone around you is not used to seeing you like this. They are used to being there whenever they need it, and when you are not angry. But Libra, you are up to the nose of being the fool of the day who always does things for others and then never does anything for you. Give them and live your life. You don’t have to explain.


Scorpio, you have no fear of putting the cards on the table and telling everyone what you really think. Unfortunately, most people do not see it as a virtue. When they ask you for an opinion you always say everything you think is good or bad and that many people fail to understand. Look that you try to have tact, but what you don’t understand is that they ask for your opinion if they don’t like what they hear later.

Scorpio, this brings you a lot of problems for a long time and you don’t know what to do anymore. If you are sincere, because you are sincere, and if you are not, because you are not … you are up to your nose to be judged for everything you do. Therefore, it is best to remain as you are and who does not like to pull where he has come.


Sagittarius you are a person who does not like conflicts too much, you prefer to live and let live. You are a positive person and you don’t want anything to make your existence bitter. That is why when you have a problem you do as if it did not exist, what you do not know is that it is precisely that which brings you more problems.

Sagittarius, you can’t do anything when you have a conflict with someone, that person may love you very much and may feel damaged because he sees that you don’t give a shit what happens between you and him / her. You have to change that chip and start solving your conflicts, believe me you need it, you will find a peace of mind that you never had and then there will be nothing to erase that smile.


Capricorn you have a serious problem with material goods, you are getting very out of control and this can bring you serious problems. It can bring you both economic and personal problems. The people around you are tired of seeing how you waste all your money on nonsense. When for you THEY ARE NOT TONTERIES.

Money burns you when you have it in your hands, you work very hard to have everything you want, but sometimes all that is not fulfilled because you do not have enough money to get it. And you go back to work and work to get what you want … Sometimes, because of this, you put aside other more important things in life. Capricorn or you start to control yourself or believe me that you are going to have serious problems … Even health …


Aquarius you will always be a child and that usually brings you serious problems. It’s fine for you, because you’ll never stop dreaming, having fun and looking at life in the best way there is, innocently. But all those around you do not see it that way, they think that you are being an immature person and that you are never going to focus on life, that’s why they always end up arguing with you, because they need you to “espabiles”.

What they don’t know is that, even if you have a child’s soul, you always have to be responsible. Aquarius, you are a person who knows how to have your feet on the ground, although it is true, that the perception of reality that you have does not resemble that of others. What others have to do is accept your way of living life and stop giving so much for ass …


Pisces, yours is a separate case. You are a very sensitive and emotional person and that means that with a miserable comment you can get to mount a drama. This can bring you serious problems because people don’t understand all those unnecessary dramas that you ride for any nonsense.

Pisces, you should start trying to control all your emotions, because you can really drive anyone crazy. Worst of all, you are not aware of the movies that you ride alone in the head. From a simple comment without evil, you can get to interpret an evil spell towards you. Pisces, really, stop riding so many movies and espabila at once.