Flirting with someone is more or less easy in the times we live in, with so much love movement due to the work and grace of the Internet and social networks. Creating a relationship after dating is a bit more complicated. And what is already worth noting is to maintain the interest of that person and have a minimum future ahead (even if it is for three more months, let’s not get upset either). Do you want to know the reason why that person you liked lost interest according to his sign? Take note, because you can still wink at fate and celebrate Valentine’s Day in a company.


Aries is not afraid to meet people and start relationships. He loves those first times of meeting someone, start flirting, persuasion, keep dating … Aries is brave to start and brave to eat the pain when everything is over. No problem. With Aries, if you want to keep his interest, what you have to do is stimulate him so that the relationship always has something new. Because he gets bored early, and impulsive as he is, he turns around and leaves before you even realized that something was wrong.

Aries wants passion today, but also tomorrow, if you plan to leave your skin to conquer it but then let yourself be loved, it would be better to find someone else, because with Aries you have already been wrong. And quickly you will see how it deflates and loses its interest. You will see.


Taurus needs to be in a relationship but does not fall in love from minute one, nor from minute 120,000 either. He takes his time, just like everything in life. Pressuring Taurus to go faster is making a big mistake. That is known to your family, your friends, and your co-workers. Taurus feels safe going at their own pace because it gives them time to think, to be safe, to enjoy the road … their goal is the road, not to reach the end faster.

Don’t go around calling him on the phone, especially if he’s busy with his things or resting; Don’t even force him to date a lot of people if he’s told you once that he doesn’t feel like it. Do not insist. Don’t even give him numbers, he doesn’t like a hair. If you go very strong and very fast with Taurus you will lose him. Your interest and your whole person.


Geminis draws attention for their joy, for their easy and communicative character, for their social life, in which they include their partners from the first moment … If you are a Gemini couple or are about to be one, surely now you are complaining about always have someone fooling around when you go to a party together. Surely now you complain that he no longer tells you as many things as those first days of your relationship, or that he does not want to stay at home on the sofa anymore, with a movie and a blanket. You liked it for what you liked and now you want to change it. Everything I proposed to you then seemed good to you and now you complain about everything.

When you wonder why he lost interest, don’t think it’s because Gemini has changed. No, the one who has changed is you. Gemini is the same person that you liked then but now you want them only for you, and that cannot be. Gemini wants to be free always, with you and without you.


Cancer says no when love knocks on her door. It gives him a lot of life to feel illusion and to be pampered and persuaded by another person. But since he knows that when he exposes himself, he suffers, he takes his time to open his heart. He doesn’t want to be mistreated. So it will give you lime and sand, and like crabs, it will go forward, to the side, backward… always towards you but not directly. If you find that you can trust, take a step forward, and another and another. If you notice cracks, you will think about it. And if he turns around, it will be your fault: he doesn’t trust you, and he doesn’t want to risk sticking the final cake.

Your intuition is very strong. He is the one who trusts the most. If you want it to work with Cancer, give it sincerity, honesty, and trust before your mobile number. It is worth going with the truth ahead, if you go with lies, don’t bother. It will be worse.


A Leo likes to feel that you admire, you really want a relationship with him/her. He wants romantic dates, details, compliments, and to feel proud of you, but that you also feel pride because he is in your life. So, if you are thinking of calling him at the last minute for an impromptu date, you reply five hours later to each message and just let yourself be loved, you better not waste time.

With Leo, expecting him to give you everything and not giving him anything in return is not a good idea. If you suddenly see that before it fell apart in plans and details, and no longer does, take note. The reason why Leo has lost interest is that he has valued you and you have not passed the test. Leo doesn’t want crumbs, he wants the whole cake. He gives everything but wants everything too. And you are not what he wants. Did you get it?


Virgo wants a partner, to have relationships, to share their life … but not at the cost of anything. It is very practical and does not think with the heart, but with the head. He does not surrender if he does not see it clearly, because he is realistic and knows that the more he opens, the more damage they do. When you see him go step by step, slowly, without haste, it is not insecurity or fear. It is cautious, you need to see it clearly. That is why the games of the mouse and the cat do not suit him because he sees everything as confusing.

In his mind, he thinks that if he does not see you moving forward safely it is because you spend a little like you are not serious. And Virgo is on guard, limits himself, and looks the other way so as not to give his head too many turns. And ends up losing interest.


Libra needs someone by his side with whom he can talk, he needs communication to guide him in the world of relationships. Libra will always listen to you but will need the same from you. In his indecisive head, it will be your constant words that will give him security about your relationship. If communication flows as Libra wants, everything will work out and there will be a short-term future even if it is. If you do not tell him, you talk to him, your comment, you propose … Libra will be blocked and that will be the reason why he will lose interest.

His personality is easy, but Libra also likes easy people, not people who make him have more doubts and indecisions than he has in his life (which are quite a lot). Make it easy for them.


With Scorpio, there is something that you have to be very clear about: if you are interested in him/her you will have to be very clear that his / her personality is very complex and that you are going to need all your patience. Patience so as not to get angry because you see that things are saved and not told you; patience to always listen to you; patience to wait for the steps at your own pace and not pressure you to go faster than you want; patience to wait for him to want to give you more of what you want and what he is willing to give at the beginning of a relationship.

When you suddenly see that your Scorpio has simply disappeared, you will ask yourself many questions. Well, the reason he lost interest was that you weren’t patient. What did you not imagine?


Sagittarius is free and independent and when he meets someone and starts flirting for a relationship he always makes that clear. It is part of their DNA. From the minute you need your partners to know that you are not going to change. Sagittarius needs to move at will, not having to give explanations, or feel that there is a commitment in the form of a chain that does not let them go where they want and when they want (and with want too).

As you overwhelm him with calls, messages, and your plans at all hours, little by little he will lose interest. And if you ask him to tell you about feelings when he doesn’t even know them, the worse. And when you want to realize it, it will have flown from your side. And whoever warns is not a traitor.


Capricorn settles for a little of nothing, he wants everything of everything. And he shows it by always trying to get a better job, lives in a better place, and keep a few but well-chosen friends (to whom he gives everything if necessary) for a lifetime. When looking for a partner, you are still that ambitious person who wants the best of the best.

If you plan to go through the life of Capricorn to see what happens, you better not even try. If you are not someone of integrity, with values, with future prospects, with clear things … better not even bother to approach. Or do it, but don’t expect it to slam in front of you. Spectacular physiques do not persuade you, you want people who are similar to him/her. And when he sees that they are not what he wants, he loses interest. Mainly because he doesn’t like to waste time.


With Aquarius, if you know how independent he is, you have a very important fact to get closer to his life and try to win him over. Aquarius likes to meet people, learn, live experiences, it is what they let themselves be loved … becoming more involved or creating a relationship requires an effort that they must be very clear about. The romantic thing is not going for him, nor is it emotional, nor do they fall for the compliments. Aquarius needs to mentally accept that he wants that relationship. Don’t pressure him to make up his mind, to get wet, to demonstrate what he doesn’t know himself. It cannot with aggressiveness in the forms or with pressure or blackmail. If you wonder why he lost interest in you, there you have it. No more no less.


Pisces can’t help but always be in a relationship because they miss out on romantic stories. It is difficult for him to say NO, but he does not always choose well and that is why he sometimes ends up hurt. If you try to conquer Pisces and you see him receptive but soon lose interest, perhaps it is that he has been too recently hurt. And he opens up and wants to, but when in doubt he becomes insecure, gives a slump, and leaves. He is afraid that he will hurt him again, understand it, and withdraw. Only that. It is not you, it is their pain and fear that have been able to do more than their interest. You have the solution, give him security, encourage him … because Pisces responds very well to these stimuli.


The Reason You Lost Interest According To Your Sign


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