You have given too much of yourself, but not now if not practically all your life. But you realize that there are very complicated people, people who NEVER change Aries. You say yes to everything, you overlook and forgive too much. It’s fine that resentment doesn’t flow through your Aries’s veins, it’s great that it is because it makes you happier. But remember that you cannot forget everything, because if you do, you will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, and so on throughout life. You have already done too much, don’t you think? Try to change the rules of the game.


You work too much Taurus, and besides, you help everyone who needs you in that regard. Your mind is always on getting more, on getting everything you have in your head but the problem is that you do not rest, you do not free yourself, you do not take the time you need for you Taurus. And that, in the end, takes its toll. It is true that you have many responsibilities and that if you want something, do not stop until you get it but your mind also needs a break. Although your body asks you a lot, relax Taurus’ head, please.


Sometimes you feel that you have achieved less than you deserve, that you have done less than what you really need … It is difficult to feel like this Gemini. And the truth is that you have not valued yourself too much this time ago. You are a person who knows their potential but you also “sink” the comments of the people you love and love. But you have to learn Gemini, no matter how much it costs you, not everything you love and not everything you love, or in the same way you do. Remember to love you above all things and all people.


You have not given yourself the opportunity to reduce the speed of Crab. After everything you’ve been through, you’re still living on the edge and super fast, as if you hadn’t given time to try to heal those old wounds, and not so old that they still bleed. Remember who you are and where you are now. And also remember that the past is past. Breathe, relax a bit and give yourself margins. Time margins Cancer. Everything needs time to heal. It is true that there are many astrological movements hour but we are also in your season and that, can with absolutely everything.

Remember that you have a lot, a lot of power now and that you have left a lot behind. It is only worth looking into the future.


If you have felt overwhelmed with everything, it is because you have put too much pressure on yourself. A lot, a lot of Leo. You know you do things well but the problem is that others do not have the same way of doing them. You want to have everything perfect and worst of all is that you think EVERYTHING depends on you, Leo. And it is not like that. That that person is a jerk is only the fault of THAT PERSON. Well, with everything Leo.

You can fix everything in your hand but that does not mean it is everything. Ruin the decisions of others Leo, really, damn. Remember that you have power and that everyone is responsible for their actions, you will not be responsible for everyone.


You are overwhelmed, very much because you do not accept the help of anyone Virgo, but also, NOBODY. And it’s not that you need it as such, but we all have to let off steam every once in a while Virgo, and you’re not going to be the exception. It is a bit complicated to take out all the fears that you have inside but in the end, it is what will really make you free from them.

Speak Virgo, express yourself, comment, take out what you have inside, what moves you, what overwhelms you, what stresses you. And stop eating it all. Admit that you are also human and that you are wrong, and that, you also need the people you love Virgo. It is important to distribute the weight of things. But you want everything for you because you think you can solve everything alone. And probably Virgo, but there is no need …


If you have felt overwhelmed in recent weeks it has been because you have not worried too much about your health Libra. It is not that you have it bad but it is true that you have not been sleeping at all well or eating in the best possible way Libra. You had enough worries that didn’t make much sense but were there. And in the end, when something worries you, you can’t do well the things you do in your day today. And that’s what happened to you, that your day to day has become a bit chaotic in times, schedules and planning.

You have to escape as you want and know how to separate. Leave problems where they should be and DO NOT take them home.


Do not forgive Scorpio. As much as you think you do, in reality, the obsessions are always there Scorpio, and you know it. You have to let your mind rest and you have to start trying to forget anything. In the end, all those memories will only bring diseases, ailments and damn like that. Because you keep everything inside and do not take it out and that in the end is “enquista” Scorpio.

Look, value yourself a little more please, be aware of what you deserve and also be aware that whoever does not, will lose it. But stop wasting your valuable time wasting time thinking about what it was, what they did to you, the times they failed you. From here, ALWAYS, from now on.


If you have felt enormously overwhelmed lately, it is because of all that you know is coming. You have a lot of open fronts and it seems that you get together all the time. And you don’t finish doing one thing when you already have another in mind. Try not to overwhelm yourself. Everything will come in time and whatever it will come into your life Sagi. Please do not stress. Speak clearly and don’t eat things just for not worrying about others. If you have to say four things well, do it. And if you have to take more free time for yourself, do it too. Do not worry about anything, everything in time, you can achieve everything but do not want everything now.


Do not allow yourself to show your vulnerability Capricorn, do not allow yourself to cry, curse, piss you off with life, get your emotions out, feel them … That’s why you’ve felt overwhelmed in recent weeks, Capri. Life is very complicated and many see you as someone cold and calculating. Right now you have a lot inside Capri, you have too many super important emotions in your life that seem to get complicated as time goes by. Let it be, let it pass, let Capricorn flow, but don’t make it so hard for everything. The more you take out, the better, the less you stay inside, the better.


Your life is changing by leaps and bounds, and you have a terrible fear of everything that is to come. You know it, you feel it, you intuit it. Life goes by too fast Aquarius and you realize that, suddenly, you have not been doing what you really wanted to do Aquarius, you are not moving where you wanted to move … It is complicated but you are fighting and fighting to get to an I agree with everything that is happening to you now.

You are facing and accepting that things will no longer be as before Aquarius and that it is not bad if not different. Do not be overwhelmed, just try to accept what is happening to you, try to change the way you see things so that the things you see change.


It overwhelms you to be at the wrong time with the wrong people. You realize that, as much as you want to be happy, or you get certain people out of your life or you will never be Pisces. But that’s it, as long as you know it is the important thing, Little Fish, as long as you really realize you’ll have the ways to put it aside. Not that you are at the wrong time. This moment must pass for you to reach something much better Pisces. Although you often find it long, everything will be fine Pisces. Do not think negative, you have been through a lot, a lot to not have very clear that you will leave this. Of this, and of all …