The Reason Why You Are Going To Regret Leaving That Sign

The Reason Why You Are Going To Regret Leaving That Sign

Once they told me that nothing in this life is indispensable, there is always a new opportunity to live, work and start over. However, today, with all the security in the world, I tell you that you are wrong. Because there are loves that don’t go away, you simply learn to live without them and when you realize it’s too late, they take you out of their life with the same intensity that they loved you. It hurts, but they hide deep in the secrets of your memory. This is the reason why you will regret leaving that sign:


It was the love that taught you what it is to love without limits, he did not mind listening to the criticism of his loved ones, he put you above everything. She lost friends, but she never made you feel like a second table dish. She loved you with her soul and you know it. Aries, she gave you much more than her soul, she gave you her charm and broke with the boredom that was in your life. Now you know, but it’s too late.


A love that you will never forget, because it came into your life cautiously, without planning, but from one moment to another it took over your most beautiful and dreamy thoughts. He took the time to be with you, listen to you, and support you. She was the person who always reminded you that love is much more than a word. She was your confidante, but you didn’t care and now you miss her company.


A part of you felt scared, you didn’t want to give your sensitivity to someone who didn’t even love himself. However, when Gemini came into your life, everything changed. You became an adventure lover, you let your heart flow and he showed you that love can be crazy, unpredictable, and intense. But it also has a calm part, the one that reminds you that you are not alone. Too bad you didn’t take advantage of it.


Loving in the style of Cancer is something exceptional, it is understanding that life is not about superficialities, it is more than just looking good with the rest. Cancer, he loved you no matter what they say, he let his feelings decide his steps and he invited you to let yourself go in such a sweet way that he gave you back the same air. He protected you, he was unconditional, but in return, you gave him only your leftovers and it’s not worth it. 


A love of those who do not fear, of those who let their brave side speak for them. Leo shouted from the rooftops all the emotions you made him feel at the time. He showed you his affection, his generosity, and patience, he never demanded of you. Their relationship had ups and downs, like any other. However, he was able to lower his pride for you, but that Leo no longer exists, you lost him. 


If there is a sign on this list that is extremely meticulous when it comes to love, without a doubt, it is Virgo. When he appeared in your world he didn’t turn it upside down, because chaos is not his thing. The opposite happened, he showed you that he can love from serenity, that there is no need to complicate things, and that committing is not so bad. Now, you regret it, but you’re not one to go back to the past.


Love and romance are part of its essence, a sign that lets emotions show through to their last pore. He doesn’t like to have filters, when he feels safe next to a person, he strives to show her that he loves her with all his soul. You were much more than his priority, he was dedicated, loyal, and always willing to help you through thick and thin. However, you mocked his honesty and now you have to face the consequences.


Definitely, no one gives as deeply as Scorpio. It is the sign that lives love as if there were no tomorrow, if adrenaline is not included, it does not want it. He likes to be an extremist, but is very faithful, he never made you doubt, because he keeps his word above all else. His love was a roller coaster, you know he taught you too much. That’s good, now stick with each lesson. 


Love is synonymous with adventure, not letting any opportunity pass you by. When Sagi came into your life, she infected you with her optimism, with that crazy desire to dream big. She made you believe in yourself again, in shaking all the goals you had into oblivion. She became a breath and you appreciate that above all. Her love was free and charming, unfortunately, only the memory remains.


If Capricorn has something very clear about this life, it is that he knows very well what he wants and what he doesn’t. All the time he runs away from relationships that do not bring him anything good, it does no matter if they are a couple or not. However, when he finds someone who makes him feel comfortable and loved everything changes, and he decides to be the best version of himself. He wanted a lasting love, but you cut off his inspiration. Don’t ask now for him to come back. 


There is a way of loving that goes far beyond appearances, that is capable of going to the roots of your personality. That is Aquarius, who did not care about anything other than knowing your essence, he accepted you without reproach and promised to be with you until the end, you were his soulmate. Maybe you didn’t realize it at the time of him, but now it doesn’t matter, when Aquarius leaves, he doesn’t come back.


Do you miss him? I understand you, it is not easy to turn the page after Pisces was part of your life. A soul that loves from sensitivity, with that dreamy and even idealistic touch. Being with him you learned the devotion of wanting, of someone giving you your place. He made you feel special, very loved, and understood. I know it’s not easy to find a heart like that in someone else, but you decided it. 

The Reason Why You Are Going To Regret Leaving That Sign

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