The Reason Why The Signs Will Never Go On A Date With You

Never Go On A Date With You

The Reason Why The Signs Will Never Go On A Date With You

There are millions of reasons when it comes to reject a date, but it all depends on many factors and one of them is our personality. There are things that we will never tolerate, we all have our limits and we would never date someone who exceeds them. If you want to find out the reason why the signs will never date you, just keep reading:


Aries is a person who moves on impulse. He is pure fire and everything he feels, he feels with great intensity. For all this, he will never have a date with you if he does not feel excited by your side. To have something more with you he needs to feel butterflies in his stomach. If there’s none of that, say goodbye to having anything more than a friendship with Aries, because he would never get his fingers caught in something like that. 


Taurus is a person with a strong character. He doesn’t usually fit in all places, what’s more, there are many people who are not capable of understanding his way of being. He is true to his principles and would not abandon them for the world. It is very difficult for him to open up with others and that is why if he does not feel comfortable with you, he will never give you the opportunity to have a date with him. If Taurus feels that he will never be able to be himself when he is with you, you can say goodbye. 


Geminis are very independent, they are those people who complain because they are alone and want someone by their side, but when someone appears they get scared and hide. Gemini needs time to process her feelings and that is why she will never go on a date with you if she sees that you are going too fast. He can’t stand being pressured with this kind of thing, so if you want to have something with him, you better go slow. 


Cancer is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, what’s more, it bases its life on its feelings. He always listens to his heart because he knows that it is the key to leading as healthy a life as possible. That is why he will never date you if he sees that you don’t have a strong enough emotional connection. They have played with him many times and he does not want to play with anyone’s heart. 


Leo is a person with a lot of personalities. He loves to attract attention and always does what he wants. He hates being told what he has to do because the only owner of his life is him. This is why he will never date you if he feels that you are too controlling. Leo hates when they try to control him, so if he sees something strange, I’m really sorry, but you have nothing to do with him. 


Virgo is a very intelligent people, they like to analyze everything that happens around them so that nothing catches them by surprise. She likes to be in control of the situation and to know what kind of people she associates with. That is why he will never date you if he feels that you are the type of person who plays with minds. Virgo knows a lot about that game and doesn’t care if someone tries to do it to him. 


Libra is a super romantic person, he really likes the idea of ​​being in love. Love is very important to him, but he needs time to process it. He doesn’t like rushing, he feels very comfortable going step by step. That’s why he’ll never date you if he feels you’re the kind of person he pushes for more. Libra needs you to go little by little and lower the intensity, if not, you have nothing to do with it. 


Scorpio is a very sentimental person, love is something that drives him crazy, but as long as everything is healthy. It is true that sometimes his jealousy makes their relationship somewhat toxic, but it is not entirely his fault. He is afraid that they will hurt his heart and that is why he will never date you if he sees that you are a player that all he wants is to add trophies to his shelf. Scorpio is tired of wasting time. 


Sagittarius is a person who moves a lot on impulse. In addition to feelings, physical attraction is very important to him because he is a very passionate person. This is why he will never date you if he doesn’t feel like there is a strong enough physical connection. He doesn’t want to waste time and he doesn’t want to waste your time and that’s why he prefers to have you as a friend before taking that step. 


Capricorn is a person who likes things well done, does not like to beat around the bush, and always says everything he thinks. He is responsible and a person who always knows what he wants. This is why he will never go on a date with you if he feels like he can’t have a real meaningful conversation. He goes from wasting time with people who have not yet matured. 


Aquarius always goes to his ball, he does not like to give explanations to anyone. He likes to have friends from all over the world because he knows that a good friend is a treasure. That’s why he will never go on a date with you if he feels that you are better friends, he would never risk losing the good relationship you have for just one night. If fate wants you to be friends, you will only be friends. Aquarius is very clear.


Pisces is a super in-love person. Love is very important to him, he lives it with great intensity and his feelings are always deep and true. This is why he will never go on a date with you if he doesn’t feel like you want something real with him. Pisces is tired of finding people who just want an adventure, he needs someone by his side who truly values ​​him and gives him his place.

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