The Reason Why Libra Ruins Your Relationship

Libra Ruins Your Relationship

The Reason Why Libra Ruins Your Relationship

Anyone who knows you knows that you have a delicate and fragile soul, but also a brave one, capable of getting out of the worst possible situations thanks to a courage that you don’t always show others, Libra. And when someone just met you, out of fear, you usually put up a barrier and show a face that is not the real one. In fact, you can seem cold and distant, maybe even a little detached. But none of that.

Once you open your heart to that person, you are the most real thing that can be thrown in the face and you will end up showing yourself as you are. And you will show your most vulnerable part, you will not be afraid that that person knows everything about you. Because you trust, Libra. It is true that until this happens, you can ruin relationships that you were starting out of fear or because there has been a mistake or something that you did not like about that person and you have not forgiven.

Sometimes your sensitivity can be a problem for the rest. Everything affects you too much. If he says a nice word, you start to wonder if it’s real, if he really means it, if he’s not cheating on you. If she says a bad word, you think about why she said that and why she thinks that of you… And so on with everything. The problem many times is that you get offended by things that shouldn’t offend you, things that, honestly, you should ignore. Also, they are not in your hand. If you don’t like something, ok, that’s fine, make decisions and that’s it. But don’t expect others to change or try to change someone who doesn’t want to.

It is true that it is quite difficult for you to decide, it is quite difficult for you to take one path or another. You have to be 100% sure of what you want and if you’re not, you don’t go for it. You have a strong perfectionist point and this can annoy those who are less detailed. To those people who don’t care about everything and don’t value your effort and your work the way you do. And there, the clash returns again.

It must be recognized that when you give yourself to your partner, you do it to the death. There are even times that you go where you are not called because you are in love. You don’t like conflicts or arguments, but often you end up in them just because you have felt attacked or your loved ones, your partner, have been attacked. And time shows you later that you don’t always have to take everything so seriously because whoever you defend isn’t always worth it.

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