The Reason Why It Can Be Hard To Go Out With You According To Your Sign

Everyone at some point in their lives comes to ask what is it that they are doing wrong so that no one wants to be by their side. We are not aware that some aspects of our personality scare others away, although we do not even believe it ourselves. This is why it can be difficult to date you according to your sign: 



No one wants to date Aries because he is a super spontaneous person, this can scare others. People never know what to expect when they are with him/her, and that makes it incredibly irresistible when they first meet him, but when someone tries to have a serious relationship with Aries, they want to be with a constant and trustworthy person…

She is a very fun person and everyone wants to be around her, but relationships are not always so fun and everyone who has tried to date him/her knows this from experience. Aries has a special character, a character that not everyone is able to bear …


No one wants to date Taurus because, although many do not believe it, he has a tendency to materialistic things. He loves things to look good, he is a person who wishes to have the house of his dreams, to have some luxurious furniture.

She is a person you would never catch wearing sports pants in public. Enjoy the luxury and that can make Taurus seem superficial. It is for all this that people prefer to look for love in another person, they do not bear the idea of ​​having to be maintaining the whims of another person, but Taurus is not so, he loves luxuries, but he is fully capable of living without them if love requires it.


No one wants to go out with Geminis because they are everywhere. He is a person who can change his mood very easily, can be happy, sad, bored or be shy and outgoing in the same afternoon. This drives people crazy, but what they don’t know is that Gemini is like that because things affect them more than normal.

He adapts very well to people and situations, but then nobody adapts to his life and that frustrates him. People who try to have a relationship with Geminis are very brave because nobody is willing to endure that rhythm of life, but he/she is like that and will never change … who loves him well and who does not because well …


No one wants to date Cancer because they are always in their world. When he is not well, he closes in on himself and does not want to meet new people, it scares him. He only relates to that group of people who have always been by his side. He feels very comfortable when he is surrounded by his people, he feels loved and cared for, that is why when someone tries to enter his life, he adopts a cautious and distant attitude.

No one wants to date him/her because he/she is never open to dating someone and people get tired of insisting, Cancer cannot pretend that people want to know more about him/her if they are not able to open up to love.


No one wants to date Leo because he wants to be the center of attention. He is a person who greatly enjoys when all eyes are on him/her, but people are not willing to live in his / her shadow. Leo is used to having water danced, but when we talk about a serious relationship, people don’t want to be just another accessory in Leo’s life. She is a person who is always trying to get attention and best of all, she always succeeds, that’s why she finds it hard to find love because people don’t want to be in the background, also someone who feels special from time to time …


No one wants to date Virgo because they think too much about things. You can’t stop analyzing every message or conversation you’ve ever had. He is always aware of everything that happens around him, he likes to be aware of what is happening near him/her. People do not want to be next to a person who thinks every step he takes … to find someone, Virgo is going to have to work hard and get out of his comfort zone, he has to learn to let go and leave all those insecurities to, On the one hand, you don’t need to think as much, you need to free yourself and let your emotions carry you …


No one wants to date Libra because all eyes are on him/her. She is a person who has a special charm and that is why everyone is wanting to be by her side, but then when it comes to having a serious relationship it seems that people disappear. Libra is a very sociable person and is always caring for others, this a priori is very good, but for people who want to have something more serious with him/her, it is not so much.

They feel that Libra is a very smart, kind, personable person… and this is one possible reason why people back down because they think they have no chance of being with him/her, but that is not Libra’s fault, so that can be very quiet.


No one wants to date Scorpio because they have a lot of trouble trusting others. It is impossible to control your jealousy, they take over him/her, especially in your love relationships. He will never intentionally harm someone, sip everything if you love him, but is afraid that he/she will be hurt. It is for all this that nobody wants to be by their side … People just get tired of trying to show Scorpio that they can trust them 100%. It will be very difficult for him, but Scorpio will have to work hard in trust if he really wants to find love.


No one wants to date Sagittarius because he is completely free being. He always does what he wants, he always goes where the wind takes him, he doesn’t stop to think anything and he always does everything possible to make his dreams come true. Not everyone is happy being next to an unpredictable person, that’s why most people prefer to leave Sagi living free rather than trying to have a relationship with him/her.

People want to have someone who contributes and is always by their side and they feel that Sagi can fly away at any time, so they prefer to keep their distance and not create special bonds because as they do they fall in love with him/her for all life…


No one wants to date Capricorn because they have very high expectations. She is a person who is usually down to earth, but when it comes to love, she has unrealistic expectations… It is because of all this that nobody wants to have a relationship with Capricorn, she is very demanding and people believe that if they start a relationship with him/her will be continually tested.

They know that if Capri is with them and another person appears who will fit him more, he will kick him, he is always looking for that person who meets his expectations, but he has to realize that that person will never come … he must stop looking and focus in what you have …


No one wants to date Aquarius because they take that special personality as a sign of disinterest. He is a unique person, he is always in his world and that is why sometimes it seems that he does not care about anyone but him/her. You love spending most of your time alone, and that doesn’t mean you want to be single forever. Nobody wants to be by his side because he is a very difficult person to understand, people need to be with someone who does not make things difficult for him and Aquarius makes them extremely difficult … He/she is like that and whoever wants to be by their side has to accept him as it is.


No one wants to date Pisces because that charm they have is too good to be true. He is a person that others approach with caution when it comes to a date, he is very romantic / ay that can scare others … Pisces is a very creative person, he is always dreaming … and this emotional side is the main cause of people not wanting to be by your side. People don’t want to live in a continuous drama and they have the feeling that living next to Pisces means living in a daily drama. People should learn from their sensitivity instead of running away from it …

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