It has been several weeks, or even months, that you have not had a romantic relationship? Discover the reason for your celibacy thanks to your astrological sign! Whether it’s your impatience, your instability, your complexity or your emotional dependence … Find what blocks your suitors to not repeat the same mistakes and hope to find the chosen one of your heart!

1. Aries:

If you are still single, you can only want your legendary impatience … You must say, you want everything, right now! Indeed, if your conquest takes too long to succumb to your advances, you are the type to discourage you very quickly …

2. Taurus:

If you have a hard time finding your shoe, it’s because you scare your contenders. The reason? Your possessiveness! You are looking for stability for a more sustainable relationship. That’s good, but be careful not to be too stuffy from the first days …

3. Gemini:

Because you are a chameleon sign, you change your speech constantly. One day, you yearn for a passionate love relationship, the next day to a relationship based on spirituality and the following days on a distant relationship. In short, it is almost impossible to follow you and understand…

4. Cancer:

You never share your feelings. That’s what blocks your suitors. Because we can not shy and shy than you. Except that your attitude leaves no chance for your conquests, which end up tired of talking to an individual who does not show anything for fear of suffering …

5. Leo:

You do too much! By spreading your strengths and achievements, you give the impression of accumulating the beautiful words and exaggerate everything. So, even if everything you say can be true, remember that a little modesty will do you the greatest good to meet someone …

6. Virgo:

Your neurotic side. That explains your celibacy. Maniacal, perfectionist and ultra-demanding, you can not stand the unexpected. Of course, it does not give a good image of you. A tip: relax and let yourself go a little more crazy and fancy!

7. Libra:

Sign governed by Venus (the planet of love), you are among those who completely idealize love. You believe in fairy tales and expect to find your prince (ss) charming. Unfortunately, you can search for a long time … it does not exist!

8. Scorpion:

It’s no secret that you have a strong character. Between your mysterious secrets, your impulsiveness and your excessive jealousy, do not be surprised if you are still single. Truly indomitable, it is almost impossible to surround yourself …

9. Sagittarius:

Impossible to deny it, you are an adventurer at heart. You live from day to day and can not stand that you are deprived of your independence. All that to say that you do not return an image of a stable individual. And inevitably, it can frighten more than one.

10. Capricorn:

Have you been single for far too long? Go out! Because how do you meet the gem if you spend most of your time at work or in your cocoon? Show yourself more open than you are and you will have many surprises …

11. Aquarius:

You are single? So what? You do not see the problem. More than any other astrological sign, you are addicted to your holy freedom. If solitude were to weigh you down, all you have to do is make a few concessions and show yourself a little more present!

12. Pisces:

You are addicted to love. It’s your engine, your oxygen, your reason for being. In short, you set the bar high when it comes to romantic relationships. Most importantly, you are extremely dependent on your partner. As much to tell you that by knowing that, your pretenders are afraid …


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