You like to live life at full speed, there is a part in you that loves independence and its space. What scares you is falling in love with someone who will transform a stone in your path. There is something about you that tells you that you function best when you are alone no matter how selfish it sounds, you are not used to having anything resolved for yourself and it seems painful to invest your time and your energy in someone who is not worth it. Your sovereignty is as intense as your character and it doesn’t allow just anyone to enter. You have become an expert at putting one lock after another so that no one conquers you. Yet you are fire, you believe in love, but it paralyzes you that they don’t give you all that you are able to give. You can be impulsive when you fall in love, but few actually get to know you.


Something is preventing you from accepting the changes, in fact they make you feel very insecure. You are very stubborn and leaving your comfort zone means that stress becomes your best companion. People can get confused about how you are so distant when it comes to making rules in love. You are cold because you want to know the real intentions of the person. It scares you to trust a heart that is not transparent and gets to know your weaknesses. You may seem dry, but inside you are very romantic, you still trust that a unique love will come into your life, someone who will give you the stability that you have always dreamed of. You don’t want your essence to change, you want it to adapt to it.


Your way of loving is unpredictable, is that one day you can feel your heart pounding with love and the next day you feel overwhelmed and all you want is space. There is something about you that is extremely insatiable and that is why you always find fault in the couples who have touched you. You like to nurture your relationships, as long as they improve you in every way. You are not going to stay in a place where you are filled with tears instead of smiles. You want a love that is more than a one-night stand, you dream of meeting a versatile, courageous, passionate person. Someone who is not afraid of all your personalities and who is ready to meet new landscapes.


Of course, the most affectionate, sweetest sign in the zodiac has its creepy side when it comes to love, Cancer. He is someone who cares deeply about others and is afraid to show that he is too sensitive, as if he is putting himself in the hands of someone who wants to treat him like his puppet. You are loyal and dedicated, but it is often dangerous because selfish people end up next to you. It’s not worth their being so ungrateful, it ends up disappointing you and that’s when you decide to put one lock after another. You don’t want to fall back into arms that only despise you. Unrequited love is very hard to cope with, but it’s harder to believe it again after you have thrown your self-esteem to the ground and always wondering what’s wrong with you.


You are the lover who honors romance, the one who isn’t afraid to say how he feels and when it comes to love you just let go. There is in you a naughty child who loves to fall in love, you love the court and the difficult thing keeps you on the lookout. However, it is very difficult for someone to fully catch you, let’s say your standards are high and you are not ready to settle for less. You don’t want to get tangled up with the wrong person because you are intense and you don’t play games looking to build something for the long haul and realize that you’ve wasted your time hits you right on the bank. ego. What you want is love as generous as you are, that you don’t have to beg him to pay attention, and that he doesn’t downplay your emotions. More than an enthusiast, you are looking for someone who inspires you with admiration and respect.


You are too selective and it’s no secret. In you lives a protective Virgo who does not want to let anyone enter her heart, because she must be worthy of your trust. This is the reason why you act with caution, you prefer a thousand times to be critical and analytical, before letting yourself be carried away by what your feelings are telling you. It’s not perfectionism as many like to think, it’s just asking for what you deserve. However, you are afraid that you won’t find such a special connection. You are terrified that the soft, vulnerable part of you will end up meeting someone who is only meant to hurt. In the past they’ve broken you down and betrayed you, you’re not going to open the doors wide. Your thoughts are very paranoid and make you feel inferior, which ends up attracting the wrong person. You have to trust yourself, change that and you will see how everything improves.


You’ve got a daring side that’s not afraid to flirt, or the laid-back thing that comes along the way. However, when things start to get serious, everything changes. There is a part of you that dreams of love, but at the same time runs away. What you want is something deep, something meaningful, not to stay with someone who loves you to keep up appearances. Your ideal relationship is one where there is a connection between mind, body, and soul. Libra knows he’s not perfect, but he also doesn’t intend to stick around with a half-love. He wants to go beyond everything and not live in the uncertainty that the one who claims to love him is not able to be faithful to the commitment. For you, it is very important that everything is harmonious. However,


Your fear of love comes from your roots. You are a very suspicious sign because you have discovered that even the sweetest smiles can spoil evil. You are afraid that the same person who claims to love you is the one who rejects you and makes you feel abandoned. With you things go straight ahead, the more honest and open everything is, the better it is for you. While on the outside you may appear to be very outgoing in romantic matters, the truth is, you are quite closed off. People say you are mysterious, but what you really want is to hide your emotions. You don’t want your “real me” to end up with someone treacherous. Your secrets and your thoughts are sacred. However, when you love your heart knows no end. The more passion there is between you two, the more you fall in love.


Your curiosity is insatiable, always full of energy to live new adventures and for you love is that, a new experience capable of making your heart beat. Boredom is not welcome in your daily life. In fact, that’s what you fear the most when you go dating, meeting up with someone very conventional, who just wants to ruin your getaway. You want passion, excitement, and a lot of adrenaline. Your celibacy is many times due to the terror that you have of monotony, you do not want to lose your freedom for anything in the world and that this person delays you in everything. You don’t want someone who hates traveling because there are places you want to know, new people, colors, flavors, aromas. You need someone to push you to shine, hold your hand, and not run away when things get hectic in your mad mind. What scares you the most is finding yourself in the wrong arms and feeling comfortable.


Your self-control is your best defense. Really, when it comes to being in charge and focusing on something, no one beats you. This is where your fear of love comes from, because you don’t want falling in love to affect your stability. Living in uncertainty is not your thing and that’s why when you meet someone you analyze them in depth. You don’t want to let in a love that makes you lose control of your walk. Plus, a part of you won’t forgive mistakes, and being in the wrong partner makes you twice as fastidious. Before you take such an important step, you want to dig deeper and try to decipher the red flags. You are not the type to let your emotions determine the situation. What tells you if something is right or wrong is the reason. You are too proud to be weak and therefore you put up huge barriers. If someone really cares about you, they will need to be patient.


There’s nothing you can do about it, you’re obsessed with being alone and knowing that you don’t need anyone’s permission to do what you want in life. What you don’t want is to be suffocated. You set the limits, you want a partner, not a father. You are fed up with relationships in which they seek to dominate you for everything and do not respect your essence. Of course, you want to find a partner, but only one who is able to respect your individuality. Your vision has never been normal, and your partner’s routine increases your stress. Perhaps you have become so used to your loneliness that you already consider it sacred and anyone who does not share your ideals can come back through the same door that entered. You’re afraid to be transparent with someone who doesn’t even deserve a single look of yours. You are anything but naive, don’t be underestimated when it comes to loving.


There’s nothing that makes you more nervous than ending up with someone who breaks your heart, Pisces. You know that many take advantage of your kindness and that intensity that you put into loving. Often times your soul is hiding within exaggerated limits because it does not want to allow itself to be hurt again. What scares you is your sweet side, because this one easily falls in love and the romance you put on him at the start of the relationship is incurable. Your unconditional side is devastating, it gives too much and when you realize it the least. There are those who dive into your void and end up breaking you until your faith in love is completely lost. You are afraid to get involved again with such an unfriendly partner, who doesn’t care if the cracks from the past are still there. One more hit will knock you down.


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