She lost interest because she could not understand you. She was unable to decrypt your mixed signals. Your words were not confirmed by deeds and you never really showed her how much you wanted her, so she stopped trying. She stopped analyzing. She stopped apologizing because your silence was louder than all your words.

She has lost interest because she has been in this situation before. She can feel when the beginning of the end is. When you start to withdraw slowly, when she feels that she is not the only one, when she knows that your heart belongs to someone else. She knows what a man does when he really wants a wife, and what he does when he’s unsure about her.


She lost interest because she realized that you were not ready. You’re not ready to be with someone like you, you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, for that kind of intimacy and that kind of depth .

You are not ready for a relationship, you are not ready for something real.

You’re still into casual dating, you’re into things that are temporary, things that you can easily stop, and people who do not know how to love. You were not ready for her special love.

She lost interest because she knew you were going to hurt her. She knew that if she went the extra mile to fight for you, you would not appreciate it – you’ll take her for granted. You see her as another girl trying to grab your attention and tie you up. You see it as something that you already own rather than as a challenge. She knows that if she stays a little longer, you will eventually go, and she has promised not to love a man who keeps going away.

She lost interest because you were not so interested. You did not invest anything.

You did not mean it seriously and did not even try to get to know her better. You did not invite her to dinner or ask her about her childhood and life. You did not manage to understand her heart and soul.

You could not give her what she was looking for. But because she believes in love, she was ready to give you a chance, she was ready to do more for you than you can do for her, and she was ready to open her heart to you, even if you did anything she wanted was a sign, a bit of effort, something to be sure that you were at least open to an attempt, but you could not even give her that.

She lost interest when she realized that you were the same, though she hoped you would be different.


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