The ranking: These zodiac signs are brutally honest 

Honest people tend to argue more with family members, friends, or even acquaintances. This is because they hurt other people’s feelings with the things they say or do.

Some people are brutally honest, others prefer to tell lies. Astrology can tell you what kind of people you are dealing with. Here is the ranking, from the dishonest zodiac signs to the most brutally honest zodiac signs:

12th place: Gemini

Twins, who are already known as the best liars, won’t usually tell the truth. They tend to come up with excuses and makeup stories that may not have happened. If you know a twin, you already know that you shouldn’t take the things they say to heart because this can be a lie. 

11th place: Libra

The only person with whom a Libra is completely honest is themselves. They hate when they are wrong and when they have to lie to avoid being exposed. And when they’re caught up in their lies, they’re ready to argue. Their lies do not necessarily stem from the desire to deceive, but to make everyone happy and to think they are great. 

Place 10: Pisces

A fish’s lie can be shaped so well that sometimes it even cheats on itself. Although he is in no way honest, he mainly finds a reason to lie to protect other people’s feelings – sometimes even subconsciously. Fish cannot take criticism. So if you have to lie to avoid this, you will be happy to do so. 

9th place: Aquarius

An Aquarius will only tell the truth when he feels that someone has to hear it. They don’t like confrontation at all and will do anything to avoid it. This also includes telling a lie from time to time. Your truths may prove hurtful when you tell them. But they will always try to make sure that the lies they tell help their counterpart feel better. 

8th place: Capricorn

In certain situations where truth is required, ibex can respond with sarcasm to skip the question. This helps them because they can skillfully avoid the truth. An ibex’s private life is something he would rather not talk about unless he is a close friend. If you are not a close friend, ibex will invent a white lie. 

7th place: Taurus

If there is no conflict, a bull will avoid it at all costs. Even if that means telling a lie. His intention is to save his own reputation. This is because Taurus doesn’t like to feel uncomfortable. When he gets into uncomfortable situations, he often does everything to get out of it and just hope that this situation never comes back. Bulls will sometimes even lie unnecessarily to feel good. 

6th place: Scorpio

Unlike many other signs, a scorpion’s purpose in lying is to feel better. They know exactly what to say if they want you to feel bad. Scorpions also tend to be dramatic and extreme in some situations. This leads them to lie more just to tell a good story. And while many often notice this tendency, the scorpions continue to do so. 

5th place: Virgo

Virgins very often tell the truth, which can make them look a little hard. However, it is also known that they tell white lies to spare the feelings of those who are most important to them. Virgins love to be helpful, and since they find the truth unhelpful in certain situations, they have difficulty telling the truth because they don’t like to hurt people. A virgin’s intentions are never malicious, which is why they feel that their need to lie is sometimes justified. 

4th place: Cancer

The closer you are to cancer, the easier it will be for you to realize that it is telling the truth. Since crabs are known to be very loving and make sure that they are telling the truth, they always think of the other person’s feelings. Since crabs are closed to people who don’t know them very well, it is easy to believe that being painfully honest is not in their nature. Friends and family members who know cancer well, however, know that honesty is important for crayfish and that it nurtures a relationship. That is why they will work for it. 

3rd place: Aries

Aries are known to tell you something about yourself that you may not have even asked for. A ram will not keep anything secret. They don’t believe in keeping things to themselves and have no problem arguing about telling the truth to someone. Aries comes from the element of fire. And just like fire, a ram can be very brutal. No matter what it is, he won’t take a leaf off his mouth.

Place 2: Leo

Lions hold on to their pride and fear absolutely nothing. They are not even afraid of the truth. A lion wants to be a confident leader that others want to follow, and that can only happen if he is honest. That is why a lion tries to always tell the truth. Lions take great pride in constantly telling the truth and the image they represent is far more important to them than telling a lie. 

1st place: Sagittarius 

When it comes to lies, it is the last thing that comes to mind of a shooter. They love to be open and honest with their fellow human beings. And sometimes too honest, which causes them to have problems with the people they love. A shooter will respect you more if you are open and honest with him. They cannot stand deception and usually know when someone is misleading to them. Lying is an insult to a shooter, which is why they always tell the truth.


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