May Scorpio is one of the strongest signs of the zodiac. Rather, and with courage, SCORPIO IS THE MOST INTENSE SIGN OF THE ZODIAC . And unanimously, what many think is that Scorpio gives off a force from the top to the bottom of their being, that some capture it in their eyes, others in the skin when it touches you, and almost all in a way that they do not even know how to explain.

Scorpio is intense for everything, to love, to relate, to get angry, to argue, to face work, to resolve issues, pulling forward or to send everything to hell if necessary. Mentally and internally, his strength is impressive; on the outside, his manner is sensual and hides a lot of magnetism.

Falling in love with Scorpio is like being on a roller coaster, so be prepared to experience vertigo, tension, fun, lots of pinches in the stomach, laughter, tears and a mixture of wanting everything to end and wanting it to never end. Scorpio loves with the mind and body, with the heart and with the skin, so their feelings and emotions are of impressive magnitude.

The pros:

Scorpio has a passionate character. With her / he is related to all humanity and also helps him to love himself a lot. When applied in love matters, that character rises to the sky and grows in an immense way that you must be prepared for. Prepare yourself for the kind of happiness that you will feel having someone of this sign by your side: someone who can persuade you lovingly but at the same time create affection vertigo. What has been “dying of pleasure” for having him as a partner. And therefore how it makes you feel: something intense, volcanic, very sensual, very passionate, very loving, very crazy, very affectionate, very unnerving, very magical, wonderfully disturbing …

Get ready to live with Scorpio a story that will seem like an adventure at times of how crazy it can be to be by his side, because of his excessive passion. But nothing is further from the truth, because if Scorpio falls in love with you, he will want it to be clear that you are a couple, no adventures. He likes to compromise, and he expects the same from you. He likes to show others that he is with you, and he will not be afraid of what he feels. Well, he is always afraid of what he feels because he knows that inside he is a volcano and he is even afraid of where his passionate feelings and emotions may lead him. But that’s what he’s trained for, so don’t be afraid because he’s not going to back down. And if he loves you, he will show you.

Another thing is that he has not fallen in love, and then Scorpio does not usually deceive anyone, and will tell you openly what he wants and what his limits are. And don’t be under any illusions that it changes, because you will have a problem when it says that it is not.

Scorpio is also not very expansive showing what he feels if he sees that you do not feel the same, he is not stupid, and he knows that exposing himself with an open heart without being sure that you want the same can hurt him. He is still brave, and as long as he sees a possibility, he goes for it, because he has a lot of self-confidence. But when he begins to feel, he is always rather cautious, he is counting on that.

Prepare to be loved and cared for until you say enough. And with many physical signs of that love. In love, you will feel that he loves you from the first moment he touches you, when he is not supposed to have deep feelings for you yet. Well, you will feel them with every touch, caress, kiss or look from the first night you spend together.

With Scorpio, not only does love help him to express himself, but he likes physical contact, hugging, touching, kissing, sleeping close to you and stroking your hair or back even when you are surrounded by people. And protecting yourself will also mean being faithful to you, being loyal to you and being the one who protects you from whatever. Of people, situations or emotions. For example, do not be afraid that other people want to hurt you, or because they are looking for your Scorpio for love, because they will not find him.

When in love, this sign concentrates on his partner 100% and lives exclusively for her. And if something worries you, talk to your Scorpio that no one will understand you better. He also has his decision-making power for when you want him to commit, Scorpio does not play games, Scorpio if he falls in love he will be serious with you, for everything and for a long time. And rest assured that you are not going to have a partner who values ​​you as much as someone of this sign. His way of loving includes that of feeling deep respect and admiration for his partner.

The cons:

The same intensity that Scorpio has to surrender and bring out his good side, he has when his dark side appears. Which is also impressive and with which he brings out the worst of himself without any filter. When this happens, the sky in which you lived can close and an abyss may open up before you. You will dream of stepping firmly, of seeing the light, and you will miss every second of happiness lived by your side.

Possessiveness and jealousy are the terror imposed by Scorpio justified in the love he feels. But no, don’t accept it. They are part of your dark side, your insecurities and your fears, and as such, they are directed to control. Above all to control your love, to know that you are there and that he will not lose you. Because that would embitter his life and make him suffer so much that he wants to avoid it at all costs, that’s why he gets like that. A jealous person is someone who is uncomfortable and creates unpleasant situations. Jealous Scorpio is something else, it’s more than just awkward.

Ah! And if he tells you that everything is controlled in terms of jealousy, do not believe him. That will be up to you to decide. It is also true that if you do not create insecurities about you, if you are there and your love is real, honest and sincere, Scorpio does not get jealous for the fun of it. He will enjoy being by your side and life together will be the best love story you can ever live. Only if you want to touch his nose and see him about to explode, make him jealous and make him feel insecure and you will find out. Did it take you to heaven? Well be prepared that you are going to hell.

When you argue, you will have to be brave, have good weapons, patience and a lot of mental strength to refute their arguments. Scorpio stands out for its (intense) way of getting angry and for its intense way of not wanting to get angry. He likes to take the tension a little further than normal.

He has a privileged mind to argue, has a lot of memory and usually accumulates a grudge, so be prepared to take damn out of the past even if it does not come to mind. His character is dominant, and if you liked him for some things, you will have to be consistent and accept him for others. If you liked him in a dominant plan to abandon yourself to his love and protection, you will have to put up with when he wants to impose himself and be right or to assume that things are done his way.

At times you may feel that you do not paint anything in the relationship, that you cannot decide anything, that you have to understand him in everything and if he does not get angry. Apart from a few other things that will hurt swallowing and may create impotence. Do not let his imperative way of being make you think that he does not love you or does not want you, or thinking that if he did he would give you a more important role in the relationship. It is his way of loving, and that is precisely what we are talking about, his lights and his shadows. But everything goes in the same package.

Get to know him, try not to take up too much space from the beginning, and make the concessions you give him clear. If Scorpios are so distrustful in general it is because they know a lot about human nature, by not lying to them or betraying them you would not have to worry about anything else. Defend yourself from everything you do not like, but being consistent, what you cannot do is let it do when you are comfortable, and want to put limits on it later.

If he becomes obsessed with something, stop him, if you want to know something about his life, ask him, if he asks for freedom, give it to him, but he demands yours, if he is hermetic, make him laugh, and above all, never never lie to him. And that includes above all the little lies that can make you suspect an infidelity, because that takes it, not very badly, but worse. Its interior is powerful to discover the slightest signal, it has a detector inside that you would hallucinate about how well informed it is about your whole life and what you do or feel. And be careful with any question he asks you, because he already knows the answer. It will only be testing you.

If your relationship is watering due to some betrayal, your Scorpio may send you away, even if he loves you, but he knows himself well and knows that he cannot live with the shadow of lies and in permanent suspicion and unease. Because of his way of being, disappointment does not make him love you more, but less, or rather, in another way, without passion, and Scorpios need to feel intensely to make a relationship worthwhile. He may regret it and never forget you, but when Scorpio decides that a relationship is over, he will say goodbye to you without looking back once. Hadn’t I told you that it’s also very radical? Or black or white. It depends on you a lot, do not believe.


The Pros And Cons Of Loving Scorpio

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