The Person Who Destroys Your Peace Of Mind According To Your Sign

Do you know what is scary? Believing fairy tales at an unreasonable level, where your emotions are ignored and the other person only seeks to satisfy her needs with your lack of limits. Loving is not synonymous with enduring, you don’t have to shut up what you feel so that he doesn’t get upset, you don’t have to change, much less justify his ill-treatment. You should know, that this is the person who destroys your peace of mind according to your sign:


That person claims to love you, he fills his mouth in front of the rest, but once they are alone he shows his true face, the one that humiliates, shouts, and belittles. Don’t believe him when he tells you that he is going to change, that it is the last time he will treat you that way. He sees you as his puppet, because you don’t say anything and he trusts that in the end you always forgive, is that what you want for yourself? 


Tell me, how many times have you given it you’re all? You stop doing things to please that special person because your love is not a game, much less when they share their fears with you. You like to listen, advise and do your part to improve in every way. But, he is not valuing it, he has already gotten used to it and that is why it does not move him at all to see the way in which you sacrifice yourself, on the contrary, he demands more from you. 


Be honest Gemini, don’t you miss yourself? I mean that version of you that was full of dreams, the one that always looked forward, the one that didn’t settle and enjoyed every moment. Since you let that person become important in your life, you have become more bitter, duller, and drier. You’re sinking next to him and you don’t realize it.


What good is it for you to be in a relationship if you feel more and more lonely? You locked yourself in their world, leaving yours aside. Did it begin to deal with your friends, your family, your events, your goals, and you? Where was your smile, that desire to fulfill your dreams? You have lost yourself in such a cruel way, that you cannot even bear to see your image in the mirror for a long time. Until when Cancer?


You became the person who can’t go out unsupervised, the one who has to deal with scenes of jealousy and mistrust. Your days have become dark, and chaotic, and with that feeling that something bad is always ready to ruin you. It’s too much pressure, that does not love and much less the love of your life. That is synonymous with an abusive relationship and if you don’t cut it once and for all, the years will go by.


You have a face that rarely makes fun of you because you pay attention to even the smallest detail and that’s good. However, there are manipulators who know very well what they are doing, especially when they discover that you have a romantic and sweet side. In your soul, there is so much better that there are times when you let things flow and it is right there when they damage your mental, physical and emotional health.


Life has not always taught you in a good way, there are times when it has given you several pulls on the ear and the truth is that you are grateful, because you do not always realize the evil that exists in people. Someone who takes advantage of any situation to insult you, make you look bad in front of others, and make fun of your advances, is not the love of your life, do not justify it. 


You are the sign that learned to take steps too cautiously, no matter if the rest get desperate. You have become so suspicious, but at the same time, you are still naive, maybe it is your impulsive side that takes control without warning you and that is when you let them break your heart again and again. Scorpio, someone who makes you cry, who ignores you, and who is not there when you need him most, does not love you. 


Imagine that you saw relationships as beautiful as you see your walk through life. You are a sign that does not like to feel repressed in any way, when something overwhelms your mind or heart, you say it without fear of the rest approving it. However, when you fall in love you blind yourself to a worrying level, above all, because habit prevents you from letting go, although deep down you know that it is not healthy to continue in that relationship. 


I wish life included one of those small print warnings when it comes to putting your heart on the line, because that way I could warn you of those who are just passing through, that is, the emotional leeches that are waiting for you to fall to sink to the bottom. background. Do not stay there Capricorn, you deserve much more than going to sleep with the anguish of knowing if that person loves you or not. You give too much to settle for bad treatment. 


You like what is new, what makes your heart race, and tests your reason. That is why you give yourself from the intellectual, you are obsessed with deep talks and long-term goals. You enjoy wise company, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with that person’s traumas. If someone doesn’t communicate, he punishes you with his silence and loves you whenever he wants, what are you waiting for to leave? 


One of the most worrying points of your personality is that you have a weakness for helping others, but at such an intense level that you forget about yourself and that is when they take advantage of it to manipulate you because they assume that you will be unable to say no. Even though you know it hurts. Pisces, why do you punish yourself in such a way? You’re giving too much power to someone who doesn’t love himself. Tell me, is that the level of love you have for yourself?


The Person Who Destroys Your Peace Of Mind According To Your Sign

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