Cancer people are very sensitive, and let’s face it: Aries is not the most patient person on the planet. You want to go out and do things, but a Cancer will want to think about it first, and then if everything seems to be right, make plans. They are too careful of you daredevils.



It’s not that you’re a stick in the mud, Taurus, but you like things a certain way and you firmly believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Aquarius individuals, on the other hand, break things – like rules – all the time, just for the fun of it. You can’t contain an Aquarius! It would be very boring for you, Taurus.



Capricorns would bring a Gemini to tears. Yes, Capricorns are good people, but they aren’t exciting or stimulating enough for a Gemini. Additionally, Capricorns are way too honest for Gemini and are inclined to offer their honest opinions at the worst of times. Capricorns like to plan things, and you like to be spontaneous and go with the flow.



You are very emotional, Cancer, and you need someone who understands and supports you. Virgos tend to be overly critical and they keep their emotions below the surface. You are too different for there to be not much conflict.



Leos are fun, flirty, and fabulous, and they might run up against the often jealous Scorpios. Scorpios are also pretty tight with compliments, which you think won’t fly with you, Leo.



Let me break it down this way: Sagittarius loves the chase and Virgos hate it. Sagittarius is too carefree and free-spirited and would tend to ignore how their actions would affect you.



Scorpios are naturally intense and passionate, and they have no trouble fighting for something or someone close to their hearts. In other words, they have no problem with conflicts. Libras seek harmony and they definitely wouldn’t achieve that with a Scorpio.



Both Scorpio and Aries are independent and like a challenge, but in the end, you bang your head too often; each of you would like to be the leader. Now you would be a great pair for a one night stand or friends with benefits because the love chemistry would be amazing, but anything that lasted longer than a love session would lead to a lot of conflict and contention.



Changing and meeting new people does more than turn you on, Sagittarius; it is the blood of your life. You like to be spontaneous and that’s not Taurus. Taurus individuals are practical and down to earth, while you like to mix things up and keep them fresh.



Sagittarians like to laugh and be on the move, while Capricorns are more stable and determined. The attitude of Sagittarius, whatever it is or anywhere, would quickly stir Capricorn’s nerves. These two signs of dating would be condemned from the outset.


Aquarians need to be around other unique and independent people, and Pisces is too demanding of an Aquarius. Pisces need attention and care, and the Aquarius individual is busy trying to save other people and the planet.



Pisces can be dreamy with their head in the clouds, but deep down they want someone to be with and love. They don’t like going out with a group of people; they are a serial monogamous. Gemini needs total freedom and if they feel attached, they will become restless and detached. Pisces are easily heartbroken and if they don’t understand why Gemini is acting so far away, they’re going to be hurt.


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