The Only 10 Inequalities Everyone Agrees On!

The differences between the male and female brain, communication, ways of solving problems are innumerable.

The claim that men are from Mars and women are from Venus definitely holds.

When we understand and accept this at the cost of obvious differences, we can laugh about it!

Of course, it is important that both genders are equal.

Gone are the days when women were submissive to their husbands and had no say.

Besides, wouldn’t it be time to put a definitive end to patriarchy?

The fight for equality between women and men has made great progress in society.

But this fight is far from over.

There are still many inequalities between the salaries of the two genders, between parental mental burden and the stigmas of society.

But little by little, we progress.

Even if it’s not fast enough for me.

However, we must admit that there are inequalities that cannot be eliminated.

Moreover, there are inequalities that we do not want to see disappear.

For example, I’m not against men continuing to be gentlemen or wearing groceries.

Today we’re going to take a fun look at the inequalities that persist and perhaps should persist.

1. Cute nicknames

Women give each other sweet nicknames like “my sweetie”, “my beauty” or “princess”.

It often refers to a friend, cousin or colleague.

You don’t hear the men exchanging “sweet” abbreviations.

In fact, they give each other rather manly or funny nicknames like “old”, “homie” or “fat”.

Let’s face it, it’s funny!

2. Payment for outings

When they go out in groups, the men are ready to pay rounds or take out a ticket of 50 euros each if the total bill is 80 euros.

They are not reluctant to show it off or to be generous.

In short, they are a bit reckless and spendthrift.

No one will find themselves biased and wait for the rest.

The women, on the other hand, will calculate mathematically and precisely how much each of them should participate in paying the bill.

Some differences between males and females support the claim that males are from Mars and females from Venus.

3. Purchases

The man is ready to put aside 200 euros for the 100 euro item he needs.

He is driven by need, not want.

Women will pay half the price of the $100 item and buy it even if they don’t need it because it’s on sale.

She is on the lookout for bargains and adamantly refuses to pay full price for anything.

4. The bathroom

The man in the bathroom needs 7 items.

And I am generous!

He has a toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, shampoo, deodorant, towel and perfume.

There are an average of 150 items in a woman’s bathroom, of which men can identify a maximum of 20.

Women like to take care of themselves.

But, very often, they don’t understand why a man has such a wonderful complexion when he uses cheap soap for all his care.

5. Arguments

A woman has the last word in every quarrel.

Anything a man says after that is the start of a new quarrel.

Isn’t that normal?

I remember a grandpa talking with his grandson.

This one announced to him that he was going to get married and he asked his grandfather if he thought he was ready.

He asked her to repeat “I’m sorry” six times.

Incredulous, the grandson ran without understanding.

Finally, he asked his grandpa why he had to apologize.

And the grandpa replied:

When you apologize for no reason and without understanding why, you are ready for marriage!

6. The Future

A woman fears for the future until she finds a husband.

A man is not afraid for the future until he has found a wife.

Logic !

7. Marriage

A woman after marriage hopes to change her man, but he never changes!

Men hope that after marriage their lover will not change, but she always changes.

Besides, this paradox has always surprised me.

Why is this true?

8. Clothing

Women will pay attention to what they wear when they go to the store, throw out the trash, go to a friend’s house, go for a coffee…

A man will be careful what he wears when he goes to a wedding or a funeral.

The rest of the time, he really doesn’t care about her outfit.

By the way, how many times have you seen a dressed woman next to a man in jogging?

9. Children

A woman knows everything about her children.

When they have a dentist appointment, what is their favorite dish, who are their best friends…

Men are aware that “little people” live with them.

Joking aside…

They adore their children, they are ready for fun, antics and games.

But there are some things that only moms remember.

10. Travel

If a woman gets lost, she will stop and ask for directions.

A man can “never” get lost.

He stubbornly follows the wrong path, just to prove that he doesn’t need anyone.

I won’t tell you how many times my husband and I got lost in the car.

Honey, do you want me to look at the map?

” Of course not ! » he answers me each time.

I know where I’m going, it’s a shortcut!

And we go around in circles for an hour, while the place where we have to go is 20 minutes from home.

The Only 10 Inequalities Everyone Agrees On!

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