If a man wants to melt a woman’s heart, he just has to find the right words

Women are particularly happy about certain compliments

Words can do so much. They can uplift us, hurt us ( you should never say these five things during an argument , for example ), offend us forever, or make us feel wonderful. Compliments have the power to not only strengthen our self-confidence – if they are worded lovingly, they can put a smile on our faces for days.

These compliments are so beautiful that they warm our hearts:

“You look beautiful with no make-up.”

“You touch my heart.”

“You make me addicted to you.”

“You are my Home.”

“You are what really matters in life.”

“Your laugh makes me happy.”

“A thought of you and the world is all right again.”

“Waking up next to you is the highlight of every day.”


The nicest compliments you can give women

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