A romantic, calm and dreamy New Moon. For all of us who need a break and hit the reset button in our life. The moon extends its hand to us to make a trip through the stars with it, to see us from above and learn to give us all the love we deserve. You cannot miss this opportunity, so write down the 13th in your diary. Prepare yourself a special, mystical night and, if you feel like it, invite the most special person you have in your life to share the magic with her. The New Moon in Pisces will be perfect to restart your life:


This romantic Moon will favor your relationships, Aries. It will give you the possibility to heal wounds, to open up to new loves, to live them in a different way. Life is not always a fairy tale in love, Aries, and you know this well. But Pisces is going to bring you a dream night, so let them love you, go ahead and live love in a more affection way. Let yourself be surprised, that they pamper you and take care of you. And if you are single, give yourself all that love, because you have to begin to value yourself, love yourself and treat yourself well if you want to meet someone. On this night, dream about which ideal partner would be, once you have it clear in mind, the universe will help it materialize.


With Neptune passing through your sign, you will notice the effects of the Moon in Pisces much more intensified. If you need to finish understanding something in your life, use art. You can paint what you feel, put on your favorite music and dance until you drop Taurus. Enjoy it a lot because if you are attentive you can have some very special moments, do not hesitate to share them with someone, but beware … so much reverie can make you not see clearly, and in a few weeks you may realize that the prince or princess were not for so much. Because Taurus is going to touch you, the Moon will illuminate your deep desires. Have the courage to look at them with affection, because they are part of you, do not be afraid of love!


This Moon will help you get going, you will have the need to go out and conquer your dreams. But first enjoy everything inspiring you will feel on the night of the 13. Life wants to tell you something so be aware of your dreams, pay attention to them because they can bring you many answers. Especially in relation to the place where you live. Gemini, you know that sometimes you scatter a bit, and of course this Moon will put you in contact with your most dreamlike world, but Mars will be around so take advantage of the impulse not to stay only in your yearnings, but to go for them.


The moon comes to bring you a lot of reflection, Cancer . You will find yourself dreaming of your future, of what you have come into the world to do. Do you fully feel what you do? your work? your partner? your life? Well, if not, the Moon will make you realize it, travel through your heart to find where your place really is. Dreaming things is the first step to achieving them, so this is wonderful Cancer. An opportunity to connect with what your soul truly yearns for. It would be a good idea to start writing a journal, this will clarify your ideas a lot. You will be more sensitive than you usually are, take good care of yourself, and enjoy a romantic movie with the person you like, or a dinner by candlelight. The New Moon in Pisces will be perfect to restart your life,Cancer, so take note.


The Moon brings you an injection of Leo wellness . It was about time to allow yourself to be a bit in the clouds, right? For one night, forget a bit about your problems and let yourself be carried away into a world of tranquility, of enjoyment. Let go of all the bad vibes that have been accumulating, and forget once and for all about all those things and people that are no longer worth you. You have wonderful friends, people who need you Leo. Lean on them if you feel a little vulnerable, and pay attention because they also like that you make time for them, that you are by their side. The world needs you Leo. Wash your face, take the night of relaxation and self-care to be able to go out into the world to give your best. We promise you will feel much better.


It is a perfect time for you to make an internal retreat, to let go of the reins and let yourself be carried away into the world of dreams. For this, it can help you to create a quiet space, with relaxing music, good smells, that allows you to rest.

You will have a unique opportunity to connect with your subconscious and find answers through dreams. In them we can find the solution to many of the problems that overwhelm us and we do not even know how to begin to face them. It seems that life also asks you to help with some cause that benefits us all, Virgo. We know that you have unique qualities to order the world. Dream big because we need your most special creations, we trust you.


With this Moon you will shine, Libra . You have a moment full of romance, where you yourself will be the protagonist. What do you most want to do? Go thinking about it because you have the opportunity to do it. Let go of everything that is not worth it and dream big, the Moon and Pisces favor you. Think of yourself, this Moon is to indulge yourself, have fun and be in your world. Do not be afraid to show yourself how you are, to dedicate time to those things that you want to do, but that often scares you even thinking about them. If your dreams are big, it will be even better. You know that the first step to go for them is to dedicate a space in your mind. Give them image, clarity … They will become a reality later. Without a doubt, the New Moon in Pisces will be perfect to restart your life.


Give yourself the pleasure of releasing every muscle in your Scorpio body, treating yourself well, spending some time, spending money on yourself and your well-being. Get ready for a chill night , enjoying the games of your head, of escape. It may be that some economic issues that you are pending are a bit in the air, but if this worries you, get going, reflect on what is no longer worth you, and how you could find new ways to generate money. Do not be afraid to get creative, you will lower your feet to the ground at another time. Now is the time to dream and go a little crazy to be able to capture new things.


There is a lot of mental activity Sagi, a lot of desire to be in contact with people and tell them what is going through your head, although this will not be easy because your thoughts are now at another level, much more intuitive. Don’t get frustrated, we recommend that you find an artistic way to express them. The Moon will help you to be creative, to investigate topics that attract your attention and immerse yourself in it, to live life from another point of view. It is good to stay in the known Sagi, in the comfort zone. Dare to be yourself and look for a new look. It is going to bring you a lot of good things, personal growth and another way of communicating with the world.


Take care Capri, because this moon is going to be very beautiful, but it may bring you the odd little problem. Do not worry, what happens is that the Moon will help you dream, to get your feet off the ground, and perhaps this will make you see that there is something that does not work in your life. Something you must end with. Because deep down you know that you deserve the best, and the dreamy Pisces energy is going to show you that some dreams could come true. But it is in your hands that this happens, and for something new to enter, you must first leave space. Finish with the above. You may feel that what is not working for you comes from your home, your family, and you need to make profound changes. Luckily, the Moon is loaded with love, and it will help you so that decisions do not hurt so much.


This Moon in Pisces will be fun, you will want to express everything you have inside, bring out your most creative side, Aquarius. How long has it been since you allowed yourself to behave like a child? Well, this night of March 13, the Moon gives you the opportunity to remember those times when the important thing was to have a good time. You will feel that your mind is active, get inspired to do some artistic activity, you can invite your crush and leave him with his mouth open. It will be a special moment that you will never forget.

And also, it is a perfect moment to realize what you really want in your life, Pisces is going to help you dream your perfect job, where you could be in a few years. Pay attention to these intuitions, because they can mark a before and after in your life.


What a beautiful moon, right Pisces? You are going to be in your element, take it as an opportunity to be yourself and check that your life is in tune with who you really are. You will feel the need to take care of yourself, to have time for yourself, so go preparing face masks, bath bombs and healthy food. It is good for you to share your energy in your workplace, take your music or have some detail with your colleagues. This will help you get the best out of yourself, and allow others to see who you are, how much you are worth.

The New Moon in Pisces will be perfect to restart your life, take the opportunity now to recharge energy and take the reins.


The New Moon In Pisces Will Be Perfect To Restart Your Life

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