1. Scorpions act to avoid being vulnerable.

In truth, it is nothing more than an attempt to cover up a deep vulnerability with which many Scorpions struggle. Most deny that their emotions subtly control all aspects of their lives and try to seem emotionless to compensate.

2. They get lost in emotion.

Particularly in the context of romantic relationships, they are easily attached, succumbing to obsessive tactics to keep the relationship afloat and act possessively when their partners express interest in others, even platonically.

3. Scorpions are extremely jealous.

They tend to let their jealousy take over and make assumptions about their romantic partners and friends. It is difficult to gain the trust of a Scorpion, so if you have one, you are really someone special to them and you must have worked for it.

4. They must be in control.

Being the emotional coconuts that they are (hard outside, soft inside), Scorpions are extremely passionate in the bedroom to the point of taking unnecessary or dangerous risks. in sexual contexts, it would, therefore, be preferable to seek a more compatible partner. This can be considered a positive attribute, however, if you are ready for the feeling of later attachment.

5. Scorpions are bossy and intimidating.

Return to the roles of Scorpions as leaders; although they generally find themselves succeeding and easily climbing the corporate ladder thanks to their charisma, they could go too far. Scorpions’ subordinates might agree that they control bosses and micromanagers. In short, they intimidate. Working for a Scorpion is like working for your mother: you, in particular, are targeted.

6. This zodiac sign can hold grudges for a long time.

Even if they aspire to respect employees, Scorpions appreciate even more the respect of those above them. They have a strong sense of focus that allows them to get on with their work and reach their goals quickly. Like many of their other negative actions, insecurity and vulnerability underpin their need for control. If you are the victim, you could be the target of their jealousy. Or, perhaps, you have already harmed them. Scorpions are quick to let go of their grudges; being close to someone with such negative personality traits is not bad. In fact, at their best, Scorpions are inspiring and motivating. Their loyalty and passion for their relationships (once they are fully formed) are unsurpassed.


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