1. Libra can be complacent.

Libra is usually one of the most charitable people in the room. They will not hesitate to give a person what they need when they need it if they are able to do so; however, Libra can also be incredibly forgiving. They love the finer things in life and will not hesitate to ignore their more charitable side to buy new fashions, new furniture or whatever suits them.

2. They are one of the most superficial signs of astrology.

Libra loves the beauty of life. They will be the first to recognize the purple color in a field or to appreciate the contours of a drawing. With this love of beauty, however, comes an obsession with being beautiful. This can lead to judgmental behavior where Libra avoids things that they do not find beautiful. Unfortunately, this can sometimes include the appearances of others.

3. They can come off.

Even though they are known to be one of the most emotional signs, Libra can come off very easily. In situations where you might know them to react with love or affection, if they have considered the specific situation as something that does not interest them, they will become insensitive to the situation and pay no attention to it. This can often make them blind to the realities around them.

4. The Libra is undecided.

In their quest for peace and maintaining balance, Libra can be very indecisive. They will spend minutes (and sometimes hours) agonizing over the perfect decision, unfortunately, due to the flying nature of the wind, they will also change that perfect decision into another decision, and sometimes reverting to the previous decision, which can often be frustrating.

5. They are one of the most vindictive signs of the zodiac.

Libra generally like to keep the peace; however, they sometimes get angry. This will cause them to behave in a vindictive manner. If they feel that someone has wronged them – or, worse, their suspicions are true – the Libra will work to equalize with that person. They can become manipulative, which is not commonly seen with this zodiac sign.

6. Libra control.

In their quest for tranquillity, the Libra can be tyrannical by asking for peaceful solutions to all their problems. They are quick to assert what they believe is the right way to end any conflict. They’re known to get angry if people don’t stick to what they say, to the point of using their charm to manipulate the situation and get their way. Like all signs of the zodiac, Libra is complex. Even if their negative personality traits are intimidating, they are not negative. In fact, their desire to stay good is so overwhelming that we rarely see their negative traits, but beware – like any balance, Libra can tip in all directions when they are too heavy.


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