For years I was looking for someone whom I could finally call “mine”. In recent years, I was always disappointed. I lived in an endless vicious circle of unanswered text messages, drunken kisses, and pointless appointments. I was always on the lookout for people who just were not worth my time. I expected too much, too fast and always broke my own heart.

I never thought that an evening with cheese nachos and word games would have such an impact on my life. You came into my life on a cold Thursday night and now I can not imagine that you are no longer in my life.

For years, my best friend has kept telling me that love would come into my life if I stop looking for it. But I did not believe her until I met you.

Everything is different with you.

I do not question anything. I’m not afraid to get hurt or tell you exactly what I think. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable with you. And you do the same to me. You are not afraid to show your emotional side that I love about you. I am not afraid of the future because I know that you will be by my side.

I do not need confirmation that you will not go because I know that you are just as much as I am. We are similar in many ways, but we still have our differences. We both have a very crazy past that hurt us and helped us, but we do not judge by the experiences of our past.

From the first day I met you, I knew immediately that you were the right person for me. There are no questions asked. Thank you for always being friendly, making me laugh, keeping me warm and protecting me. The best love is the love that ultimately changes your life. Such a love does not hurt you, it challenges you. She wants you to be the best version of yourself. The best love is the love in which you, yourself can be, where you can be silly and serious together, and if you go out of the way, just to put a smile on your face.

The most beautiful love is the love you never expected.


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