The Message You’re Afraid To Send But It Will Soothes Your Soul

There are words that stay in the air, but they never go away, they spin around in your head, and in the middle of the night you want to write to that person, but you regret it. You’re terrified of not knowing if he thinks the same or if you’re just going to look like a fool. Nobody likes to play the role of Oregon, because our pride does not allow us to put ourselves in that situation. However, there are times when it is necessary. This is the message that you are afraid to send, but it will ease your soul. When you do, it will change your life. Each sign of the zodiac will do it in its own time… there is no need to press.


Life has not been the same since that person left. There are many times that you have wanted to run to tell him what is happening to you, but he scares you that he does not care. You are staying with the desire and at the same time, you do not let someone else enter. It’s not about substituting, but it’s not worth it becoming your Aries shadow. You deserve more than an uncertain love or friendship. Once and for all, get rid of your doubts and send them, write: ‘I miss you.’ Maybe you like the answer, maybe you don’t, but it will tell you if it’s time to let go.


How toxic it is when we focus on wanting to do everything alone. You have become an expert in avoiding the help of the people you love because you are so afraid of becoming a burden. You try so hard and rely on your intelligence that it frustrates you to realize that you can’t really always do everything. Sometimes you just want to send a message to that person who you know would never judge you, even if you said you didn’t need them. Send him, tell him: ‘I can’t do this on my own.’ You will notice that having the support of someone is not so bad and it does not make you weak.


You said that you will not lower your guard for anyone, you strive to show the world that everything is fine and that it is easier for you to jump from love to love than to commit. You are the same Gemini who has already thrown in the towel of singleness and you know it, but you do not want to accept that you have changed your mind and that perhaps having a love that keeps you warm at night is not so bad. Inside you want to send that message, tell him:  ‘I want us to be more than just friends.’ Maybe that person is also waiting for you to do it. Do not stay with what would have happened, try.


There are times when we act like life goes on, we pretend to let go and focus on the new. Suddenly, we work in our best version. You make an effort not to depend emotionally on anyone again, but there are loves that remain in a corner of your untouchable heart and that’s when you don’t forget the person, you simply resign yourself to living without them. What if the other person feels the same way? What if it’s their time? Write it down, tell it: ‘I never stopped loving you.’ The answer can hurt you or it can make you smile, you have to be prepared for both, but please don’t shut up anymore.


To be honest it is very difficult to find a person who goes at your pace. You know that you are quite difficult, that you like to go against the clock, and that staying with the desire for something crazy is not your thing. You are a very brave sign, but also creative, the type of person who is able to steal a smile in the midst of pain. However, you miss that radiant being who held your hand tightly when something crazy occurred to you. Tell him: ‘My life is not exciting without you.’ It’s worth lowering your guard from time to time, especially if that person is so worth it.


Do you know what hurts? Accept that there are people who are irreplaceable because they have the gift of touching the depths of our emotions, and when they leave they leave a void that breaks you, but at the same time makes you value what they had. It is not always about the love of a couple, there are friendships that also miss each other a lot. It’s okay Virgo, you are no less strong for giving in, for letting your feelings flow and all you want is to take refuge with that person. Write it down, tell it: ‘I need you.’ As long as your dignity is not at stake, anything goes. If the other does not care, then you will understand that it is time for you to give yourself your place.


Wow, to be indecisive, nobody beats you Libra. There are many times that you have let important people go for a bad time. Your emotions are like an unstoppable snowball and when you least think you have already turned the page in the worst way. Do not let those lapses define the rest of your life, if there is a person you hurt and that you want to recover, it may not be as late as it seems. Tell him: ‘I want another chance with you’, the clearer everything is, the better. If you start speaking from the bottom of your heart, the other person will realize that you are telling the truth. Those kinds of honest relationships are what you deserve.


It is not easy to accept that you were wrong, that your outbursts put you between a rock and a hard place and you ended up hurting someone who did not deserve it. It is not fair that you stay with that feeling that has become a lump in your throat that does not leave you alone. You deserve love, respect, someone who fills you with life all the time. However, the other also deserves that from you and being humble is brave, not everyone writes someone a message like: ‘I’m sorry. I won’t let my pride get in our way again.’ Okay, do it, that will ease your soul.


How beautiful forgiveness is because it reminds you how human you are and the many stupid things you can do when you lose control of your emotions. You are a person who does not give up easily and if you want something you go out and get it. However, there are times when you end up hurting people who are not to blame and you are so focused on achieving the goals that you don’t realize it. It is never too late to face the responsibilities of your actions and if you feel that this person deserves an apology from you, do not hesitate to give it to them. Maybe things won’t go back to the way they were before, maybe they will, but at least you won’t be left with that guilt. Tell him, ‘I know I was selfish and you didn’t deserve it.’ You will see that this also calms the heart.


The worst thing that can happen to you is when you want to do something, but fear stops you. You are so used to things coming out the way they go through your mind that when they don’t, you feel exasperating pain. With the passage of time, you realize that it was not a big deal. Maybe it wasn’t your time, but now you feel ready and you can say to that person: ‘I’m not afraid anymore. He may be waiting to read that or he may have already cut you out of his life. However, do not stay with the desire, because it will become an unnecessary torment. Capricorn, if you have already lost your fear, you have nothing more to lose, trust.


You can be independent, smart, and strong, but also fall in love with a good heart. You are so focused on not falling into the cliché of the rest, that you end up ignoring people who would give anything to be by your side. It is important that you do not close your feelings just because of pride or fear, Aquarius. Tell him, write him like this:  ‘My dreams mean nothing if I can’t share them with you.’ There are those who elevate you, help you find your best version and when you are at the top all you want is to share that moment with them, say so, maybe they want to.


Your soul and your heart are the ones that feel a relief when you free yourself from all the negativity that someone could have left you. It is important not to confuse letting go with justifying the wrong action. If it hurts you, you are within your rights but do not get hooked, there are people so cruel that they do not deserve a space in your life. You don’t have to send the message if you don’t want to, but at least say it out loud: ‘I forgive you.’ Because the moment you do, you will also forgive yourself and you will stop hurting yourself. You deserve the tranquility of letting go and it’s time Pisces. That a person like this has been part of your days, does not define you, nor does it make you less good. Don’t let it dirty your essence.


The Message You're Afraid To Send But It Will Soothes Your Soul

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