The Luminous Side Of The Signs

The Luminous Side Of The Signs

Strange times are coming and now more than ever is the time to know what your best qualities are, the ones that will make you come out of any unpleasant situation, stronger and brighter. Hopefully, this year brings us many good times. But if a bad one comes, remember all the light that your sign gives you and that is already within you. Is it difficult for you to see what you stand out in, do you not fully trust yourself? All signs have something that makes them present themselves to the world in a unique way and yours is not going to be less. In case you haven’t discovered your best qualities yet, here are some clues:


You are at the head of the zodiac opening the doors, strong and focused. You certainly have many devastating qualities like fire. Your self-confidence does not leave anyone indifferent. Do you know what people like the most about you? That you are authentic, Aries. They know that if they look you in the eye you will never lie to them. Your friendly expression can even make other zodiac signs uncomfortable who are not as sincere and direct as you are. But this truth that you have is highly valued. If you know how to use this quality with empathy, with affection and without hurting, it will open many doors for you.

You are perfectly capable of achieving all the goals that you set for yourself and you know it. We love your optimism. You have good ideas, and the energy to carry them out. Besides, you don’t like things to be done the wrong way, what you do has to be done very well. So trust yourself when bad times come. You have the power to change things, to always go forward.

Dear Aries, we know that you are never going to drop and we love you.


You are our rock, Taurus. Nothing can move you if you don’t want to. We love your firmness, and people look to you to lean on you. You know how to give us strength Taurus. You are usually relaxed and transmit that calm and deep way of being on the ground. Although at the time of fighting you have plenty of strength to defend your ideas. What more can we ask for? You do not let yourself be manipulated Taurus, and do not try to do it, because deep down you always know what is good for you, what you want in the long term. And you also have plenty of patience to stay on your site.

Enjoy the Taurus life, you deserve it, and you know how to do it very well.

You have exquisite tastes that are obvious. Some signs will envy your ability to surround yourself with beautiful things, but others will see it as your greatest virtue. You could be the image of a King or Queen in a field of flowers, on a set of silk and cottons, surrounded by good food, but ruling a kingdom. That is not forgotten.

Taurus, you see with what kind eyes we look at you, remember what you have inside in bad times, we trust you.


You move through life like a playful child, you look, you pry, you investigate … You are cheerful and affectionate, you adapt to every moment, and that Gemini is not easy. People value it very much. You will never stop learning Gemini, you are smart and we can all see it. You are quick in the head, it is not difficult for you to associate ideas. We can all see how you move quickly through different topics connecting them between them. So fast that it seems that you don’t even think, that you move by intuition. Sometimes we are afraid that you will stumble, but if this happens you get up quickly. It seems that you were designed as a mobile phone that never runs out of battery or data. You were born for communication.

It is very sad to live without a Gemini in your life, because you bring the spark to every party, to every trip. Everyone wants to have you in their special moments because they know that you will not let them fail. You also know how to transmit messages, how to speak to each person and reach their heart, no matter how different it may be. It’s easy for you to connect. You help clear up misunderstandings and make the lives of others happier.

Have fun Gemini, travel and play as much as you want. Discover new worlds. You deserve it.


Cancer, do you know that your way of feeling is unique? You understand what emotions are, what it is to love. Although the other signs are so scared of going back and forth inside you, you understand better than anyone what they feel at every moment. They don’t need to put it into words, you just know it. And you are there to help them through their bad times. Give them love, take care of them. Your friends look to you when they feel heartbroken and leave feeling loved, understood. Your good vibes are contagious! In addition, the solutions you find to problems are always unique and creative. Because your ideas are based on what you feel, and what others feel, in a way that connects in a magical way with everyone. Clearly and honestly. We love the way you see the world, to flow and change, to experience states of mind. And to love. In all its facets, love is your thing. Leave by your side only the people who value you, because you, dear Cancer, have to take care of you like a treasure.


You are authentic Leo, and you leave us all speechless with the way you present yourself to the world. Surrounded by the most luxurious and striking that you find. You know how to be the focus of attention, you may have already noticed that we all look at you when you enter a room unconsciously, you are confident and you express yourself strongly. You shine and you radiate security bordering on the theatrical. This attracts other people very much, and leads them to seek unforgettable experiences with you. Who will not want to be next to the sun of Leo?

You dare to be independent and live your life following your heart. But what lies beyond? Your cunning, Leo. You know it and we know it. That you are intelligent, you have the ability to understand the situation in front of you and you are good at organizing everything, looking for realistic solutions. You fix almost anything! The most loyal friend, and you take pride in it. The rest of us love your vitality. Captivate with your feline gaze, which leaves no one indifferent.

Your generous fire is always ready to help a disadvantaged person. When it comes to sharing with your friends you have no limits, they never feel abandoned, you fill them at all levels. In addition, the person who is lucky enough to conquer you will get a good dose of passion, good kisses, and romance. But first they have to earn it!


Simple and perfect, that’s how you are. Your logic is immovable and you know it, there is no one who will beat you by understanding how reality works. Virgo you are very intelligent, you may have already noticed, we see it in the clarity of your gaze. Even your humor is smart and we find it difficult to resist you. You are very useful to humanity, we need people like you. That it really serves, that it helps us. Bring realistic ideas and translate them. Virgo, you know the perfect organization to solve many of the world’s problems.

Your routines and your order lead you to improve everything around you, even yourself. You know how to take care of yourself, give yourself the healthiest. What to eat, what creams to throw on…. Everything is very careful, and that makes you a person that is nice to see, it is very nice to be by your side.

You stay away from the vulgar, the careless and although order is never enough for you, we all see the great work you do.

We love having you as a friend, loyal and realistic. We know that once we enter your heart, you will protect us, and give your best. You are not one of those who promise impossible things, but you are always there and you never betray a loved one. You are responsible with your feelings, and you take care of your people. Virgo is worth conquering.


Your sensitivity to appreciate beautiful things is unique. Libra know that you are charming, although you do not always get your balance to be balanced, usually people see you as a calm person and with whom they want to spend time. What’s more, when you come into someone’s life, it’s to stay, because they won’t let you go. You have the ability to reconcile and harmonize what is around you. You try not to have conflicts, that people get to work as a team. You are justice personified, you listen to both sides, giving each one their place.

Libra, having you as a friend is a gift from fate. Because there is no one like you to give advice, you are always there and you are very patient. Also, since you don’t like bad vibes, you look for a way to understand the other and put yourself in their place. You will never have a bad word, you are more elegant than that, your manners are much more dignified. Your intelligence does not go unnoticed either, as does your good taste for art, music, fashion … You have that sixth sense to know what is trending, what people like. Sometimes it scares how you anticipate what is going to take.

Trust yourself Libra, you know what people want, you can improve the world. You are reason but you are also heart. You can love without losing your freedom, and that, Libra, is captivating.


You are all intensity, Scorpio. You like the opposite energies to meet and sometimes that produces explosions … You are passion and mystery. You get very different things to merge, and although things get very hot, the result is spectacular. You are brave and very powerful, with a lot of strength. You know how to “understand” pain and death. It does not scare you at all, although sometimes perhaps you do scare others, but do not worry about it. The people who are there for you will feel dazzled in your presence. Scorpio, we love that you inspire us with your strength and dignity. As mysterious as you are, that is obvious. You fight for your ideas, and you defend yourself from people who try to hurt you. But when you want you are sweet and intoxicating, who can resist?

Scorpio, talking to you about strange or compromising topics is easy. You know how to approach them, you are smart and you make the discomfort forget. You can hide your thoughts but nothing is hidden from you. And to all this we add that you do not leave anyone indifferent when it comes to love, you handle passion like no one else. You are a turning point in the lives of others. So if difficult times come, remember this, your mystery: you always resurface like the phoenix. Even if the fire tries to destroy you, it only makes you come back stronger.


You are an adventurer, you are free Sagi! You know how to enjoy and learn along the way. You have your own vision of life, you jump into it with optimism, and we love that you share it, that you inspire us. You take advantage of every moment, you get all its juice without judging anyone. Because you understand that each person has come their way. You are unique. You have an open mind, innocent, always looking for new ways to understand what surrounds you, there are those who would call you a philosopher … You don’t let any idea dominate you, you explore without limits. If you believe in something, it is you.

As a friend you are warm Sagi, generous and honest. You value your fellow travelers, and they value you, your enthusiasm and crazy ideas. If they are looking for an honest opinion and without malice, you are the one. Sometimes so sincere that it hurts, but even if your comment is not appropriate, we forgive you Sagi, because we know that you do it from your inner child, and it is appreciated to have friends like you. Also, you do not tolerate boredom or seriousness, you are all joy and you spread it around you.

We love your ability to be free, never stop holding on to it, because freedom is within you and no one can take it from you Sagi, no matter how bad things get.


Capri when you set a goal there is no one to stop you, it can take years to get there, but in the end you reach your goal. You know that things do not come by magic, that reality sets limits and you have to know how to structure and order them to exceed them. But you are the most disciplined, when you find the way to go there is nothing to stop you. And you fully understand what time means and how important it is to be patient. Your strength is in your intelligence and perseverance. You are strong and nothing can with you.

You come to life no matter what happens, and you take charge of the situation. You start up and don’t rest. And we will tell you something Capri, in the end you will achieve your dreams. You deserve it. The people next to you feel safe, they trust your wisdom. And see how great you are. You are noble and you take care of your family. Although it is difficult to reach your heart, the lucky ones who find it are blessed by a pure and true love. In difficult times you already know perfectly what you have to hold on to, because you have practice. Work, dedication and intelligence. You are a master at this!


You are authentic Aquarius, we know that you have your unique style, and you change when you feel like it. Because there is no one as free as you. You can be and do whatever you want and you know it. Nothing slows you down. Have you ever been called weird? They were probably boring people too worried about what other people think. You do not need anyone’s approval, you are independent and if someone wants to keep up with you, they have to be prepared to go outside the norm. Everything about you is original, and that Aquarius makes you a very funny person.

Sometimes you take refuge in yourself but you are not short of friends when you want to share those different ideas with someone. Even if you are in your world, you never lose the practicality of things and you always think of others, you are willing to help everyone who needs it. You understand all kinds of people, but you can’t stand lies and falsehoods.

If someone comes to break a promise, they better prepare to lose your friendship, because we know Aquarius, that you would never do that. You have a sixth sense for living in the future, Aquarius. It’s incredible how you get ahead of things, how you put yourself in front of others, opening doors, investigating. That nobody dares to call you crazy Aquarius, because you have nothing crazy. Another thing is that we do not know how to explain how you have come to know what is going to happen, or how you understand what people want to say without even opening their mouths. To be with you it is necessary to flow, and to let yourself be as free as you are.

You have many things to contribute to the world and we are looking forward to seeing them.


Pisces you are the last in the zodiac and the most abstract. Defining yourself is difficult and that is your best quality. Because you are connected to everything, Pisces, you are part of the energy of the universe and the world around you. And you are able to capture what is not seen. That makes you unique, original. There is no one like you dear Pisces.

You are in complete harmony with nature, you know how to enjoy it and… You are water yourself! It is that you give peace like nobody Pisces, being by your side is an enjoyment. We know that you welcome your loved ones, you are affectionate and you like to see them happy, you will always do everything possible to help them find the light that you radiate. We would all like to follow our hearts as you do. You also create very important, simple but deep memories. You never forget them, and I will tell you something, the people who have lived them will never be able to forget them either.

You dream like no one Pisces, I hope all those dreams can materialize because coming from you they have to be wonderful. You are going to work in a very creative way to bring them down to earth. Your sensitivity and intuition improve your environment. So Pisces, love yourself as everyone else loves you, and never stop giving us the best you have.


The Luminous Side Of The Signs

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