Aries: April 16

Even though you have your annual New Moon at the beginning of the month, the Full Moon will give you the opportunity to express yourself to create more balance in your life.
During this time, the Sun will still be in your sign representing the choices you make while the Moon will be in your opposite sign of Libra giving you balance and a chance to act with your heart.

Taurus: April 19

April 19 is the start of Taurus season, making it a powerful day for you. Even though the Jupiter Neptune connection occurs a few days before, it is active throughout the month, which means you can now reap the benefits.
Your sign’s North Node also crosses paths with Jupiter this month, which means it’s time to believe in yourself, otherwise you might be basing what’s possible on other people’s beliefs instead of what you think. be true.

Gemini: April 29

Mercury moves into your sign on Friday, April 28, allowing you to better express your thoughts and feelings. Not only will communication improve with others, especially in relationships, but you will also feel greater peace within yourself.
It allows you to resolve some long-standing gaps between you and someone important in your life by realizing that you have never been so far apart.

Cancer: April 20

Juno enters the watery sign of Pisces on the 20th, which brings your emotions to the surface about the relationship you’re currently in or want to create. It creates a lens of perspective between what you believe is possible and what you hope is possible.
Make sure you don’t sell yourself short today or settle for anything that doesn’t set your heart on fire. You could have the relationship of your dreams if you don’t give up.

Leo: April 6

The energy of April 16 asks you to make some definitive connections between the lessons you have learned and the life you still hope to create. Let go of doubt today or any lingering hurt that is still ongoing from the lessons you have dealt with.
Jupiter connects with Saturn on this day, allowing you to step out of the scenario you thought you had to live in and instead embrace everything you’ve ever dreamed of for yourself and your life.

Virgo: April 5

This is a day of phenomenal energy for you. Pisces energy always emphasizes your romantic relationships and with Venus moving into Pisces, it is amplified by the power of the planet of love. Even if you have been focusing on other areas of your life recently, take the opportunity today to allow yourself to explore your personal life.
Be available to those who bring joy, love into your life and recognize that it is often this energy that fuels all other areas.

Libra : 1 April

The Full Moon in Aries on April 1 will bring you the much-needed fire to defend and defend your interests. This will not only help you bring more balance into your life, but also help you embrace your most authentic self.
As you have learned that you cannot maintain peace at the expense of your truth, this day is a chance for you to recognize that those who are truly meant to be in your life will support you in this endeavor.

Scorpio: April 30

You are one of the signs this month that will see the most unexpected events and changes in your life, thanks to the eclipses moving through your sign and Taurus for this year.
On the last day of the month, there is a second new moon, called the black moon, in Taurus, it is also the first eclipse of the year. It illuminates the relationship sector of your life and begins a series of fatal events.

Sagittarius: April 12

Jupiter is one of the biggest influencers in astrology this month and all of this year. It is the ruler of your sign and the 12 forms a unique connection in 166 years with Neptune, both in Pisces. This water sign rules your home and family life, and Jupiter stands for abundance and the fulfillment of dreams.
It’s a great day to reflect on what these themes mean to you, and then to take action in creating them.

Capricorn: April 10

The planet that rules communication, Mercury, will enter Taurus on this day. This should help you feel the most grounded and together you’ve had since January. When you can express your thoughts and feelings, you are also more likely to have a positive image of yourself and your life.
Use this day to clarify what you still want to focus on, then use the power of your words to move mountains.

Aquarius: April 15

Now that Mars and Venus are out of your sign and the full moon energy of Libra arrives on the 15th, you will feel relieved. Life starts to feel easier from this point on. The tests you had to pass, you have them and now you just have to make the most of this time.
There is no pressure for anything great on this day, it is more about resting and prioritizing the time created to do nothing but enjoy life. This is exactly the healing you need after last month.

Pisces: April 12

Although Neptune is known to be your ruling planet, Jupiter is also one of your ruling planets. Together in Pisces on this date, it feels like the two sides of who you are able to come together so that you feel more like yourself than you have in a long time.
It boosts your creative energy, enhances your spiritual strength, and even brings a once-in-a-lifetime magical dose of love. Everything is possible on this lucky day, and the best part is that it’s just the beginning.


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