There are looks that kill, and there are looks that give life, sweet looks, and looks full of pride. There are agile, playful, bold, sad, full of power or magic, deep and penetrating, with brightness, glances that illuminate, innocent and tender looks … And each of the signs is characterized by having a much more marked than the others . In this article we delve into the look of the signs:



The gaze of Aries is intense but very spontaneous at the same time. Plus, it inspires you to motivate yourself, it inspires you to do things. Sometimes it may seem distant or glassy but it is only because maybe she is tired or exhausted or for some reason. But usually, it is a happy and pleasant look, a look that has sparkle in the eyes, illusion, the desire to do things, to try, to feel, to live.


The Taurus gaze captivates, is persuade and encourages you to do what Taurus wants you to do, for better or for worse. They are so determined to get what they want that they transmit it with their eyes. If he wants you to shut up he will give you an aggressive look and you will understand perfectly what you have to do, if he wants games, too. They usually have a deep, penetrating gaze …


Gemini has a curious, agile, active and energetic gaze. It is super intense and also, his eyes denote a great passion to discover everything around him. They are eyes that want to learn as much as they can, eyes that question everything. They often seem to change but even when they cry, they have a special glow, a different glow. Few things are what turn off the eyes of Gemini.


People of the Cancer sign often emit very childish energy through their eyes. They have a special innocence and as much as they want to play tough sometimes or show that they are really strong and that no one can beat them, their eyes give them away many times. Their eyes do not judge, they only listen and understand. Sometimes they can be laughing but they will always be tender and sweet.


Leo’s eyes are the brightest in the Zodiac. His gaze somehow illuminates everything. He looks at you, and you know very well that he is transmitting an incredible good vibe to you. When he is sad, his eyes go dark. It is as if Leo is suddenly a completely different person. His gaze is warm, they invite you to comfort, you are welcome in his life. Leo’s eyes are intense, but very happy and positive, ready to make you feel good, at least with his eyes. And I live.


Virgo’s gaze is pensive, like he’s trying to solve something all the time, like he’s trying to organize his thoughts and solve his problems. This comes from its analytical nature. They are always thinking because they always have something to think about, if it is not one thing it is another. They may be thinking about something that happened to them this morning or remember what it was that they did a year ago suddenly, without the need for anything prior, it comes to mind and that’s it. So his gaze is always like this.


Libra has the most attractive look of all the signs of the Zodiac. They flirt with their eyes and very often they do it without realizing it too much, they do it and they do it without more, without intention. So they can confuse some people. In the end, they fall in love with them and they don’t. Apparently they hate romanticism but secretly, love moves their world and they dream of love stories, “perfect” loves, movie loves. And his eyes are the reflection of all that. Looks of illusion.


Scorpio’s gaze is mysterious, magnetic … And those who know him want to know more, they want to know what is behind them. And Scorpio knows it. Their eyes can be incredibly difficult to read and that is why you want to know more, because you know that behind them there are many stories, an impressive experience, and incredible wisdom. Sometimes it can seem sad, even when it isn’t. Other times it may have ambitious eyes… Be that as it may, they hook you.


Sagittarius’ gaze is intriguing but his eyes always give off a special sparkle, as if excited by any adventure you tell him you can do together. They are rogue eyes, shrewd, cheeky and sometimes even malicious. They cannot hide what they feel. Their nature can make their eyes look optimistic even when they are not. Be that as it may, they always have a special shine except when they have broken your heart.


Capricorn has a determining look, sometimes even withering. It seems like you know what you want and are going to do everything you can to get it, sometimes this can seem a little intimidating. His gaze changes a lot when he is angry about something. He can “eat” you with his eyes if he doesn’t like something or if he feels like you betrayed him. His eyes can be the most beautiful thing in the world or the most scary thing in the world. Really…


Aquarius’ gaze is from another world. Either way, they generally look very smart. They have a special way of seeing the world and that shows in their eyes. They may have a slightly sad look, perhaps more tired than normal. It is probably because he thinks too much and is always coming up with new things. On the outside it is like this, but on the inside his world is different. Perhaps they are not the most effusive eyes in the world but they have a lot of essence.


Pisces gaze is experienced, joyous, dreamy and bright. It is not uncommon that you find his eyes always foggy, like glassy, ​​and it is that, with almost everything, he is excited. A word of affection, a movie, a book, or even a kiss can completely move you. It often seems like his eyes are tired but they are always looking forward to whatever it is. Her gaze is magical.