The Imperfection That Makes Them Obsessed With You According To Your Sign

The Imperfection That Makes Them Obsessed With You According To Your Sign

A perfect love? There are people who do believe in that fantasy, they marry with the idea that they will take someone by the hand who fills them with light in every way. However, there are few who dare to speak about the darkness. They say that loving genuinely implies recognizing that the other is not taken from an ideal story. Definitely, loving in the good times and in the bad times is brave. Although you feel sorry for your hobbies, your partner may find them extremely attractive. Today I share with you the imperfection that makes them obsessed with you according to your zodiac sign.


It can seem like your stubborn side screams freedom, because honestly, you rarely stay in the mood for anything. You are one of the signs that bets big, regardless of the risks. However, in you there lives an innocence that you do not show frequently, I speak of your naivety. Sometimes you just listen to your heart and period, you trust the other and that makes anyone fall in love. I’m talking about when you take off your shell. 


If there was a word to describe you, without a doubt, it would be contrasting. That is your personality, a contradiction because you have both sides of the coin with the same intensity. You are in love and passionate, but also very focused and distant. Of course, you have your dreamy side. All that combo of qualities ends up capturing the feelings of others, even the coldest person.


Your day-to-day is a roller coaster, you never know with what sense of humor you are going to face whoever greets you, but you try to see the positive side of everything. That is, you have your character, but you are aware that people are not to blame, and that things do not always go well for you. Others may see you as exaggerated because you don’t lose your enthusiasm even in the worst scenarios, but there are those who love that about you. 


People who barely know you can see you as a very emotional person, Cancer, who doesn’t hold anything back and loses his cool at the slightest provocation. However, the thing is not going that way, you are simply tired of people not respecting your essence and making fun of your way of being. Your imperfection is that you are always on the defensive, but for someone who loves you well, that only increases their desire to love you.


Life for you is every second, you don’t want any opportunity to slip out of your hands. Leo, there are so many challenges in your mind that you would like to do them all at the same time, but you know that little by little is better. You yearn with all your soul for a better life, break with the routine and work very hard for what you want. It is your inner hunger that becomes a magnet for those who come into your life. 


Usually, people don’t label your zodiac sign as a sensitive being, they see it as the perfectionist, distant, and only focused on their practical side. However, you care a lot about the welfare of people, especially when he is someone you love. Your imperfection is that when you trust too much you allow your vulnerability to guide your steps. Discovering that heart so pure for some is hypnotizing.


You are a charming sign, Libra, there is no doubt about that, you love to put yourself in people’s shoes because you know that each head is a world and the heart is not even said. Your understanding side is admirable, but what becomes a vice for your partners is your harshness. It even seems incredible that your resilience is so decisive, you become the pillar of many in the most serious moments. Your temperament is unpredictable in these cases.


Yes, they say that there is no sanity in your heart, that when it wants it throws itself without brake and it is real. At this point, you do not take that as an offense, on the contrary, whoever says that you exaggerate does not deserve to receive so much love from you. Your character is like that, fierce, deep, and unfiltered. You are used to going for more in every way. If some see your intensity as imperfection, for others it is the living representation of love. 


Definitely, you don’t stop, Sagi, you know that life can change in the blink of an eye and that’s why you don’t have time to get dirty with the bitterness of the rest. Of course, you live high and low, it is not always possible for you to walk around with a smile on your face, but you prefer to make jokes in the midst of chaos. That’s your imperfect side, your dry humor, you have the ability to steal smiles while tears run. 


If for a moment you saw yourself as the rest do, you would surely discover many beautiful things about your personality. You are one of those signs that inspire, you open many doors and restore hope, even if you don’t notice it. Perhaps it is because you focus on being practical and not complicating yourself. Stress is something you struggle with every day, but it doesn’t stop you. Determination speaks for you and is a key ingredient in attracting hearts. 


They say that simplicity is one of your best companies because you don’t have time to get involved in back and forth. Aquarius, the people who take away your energy and who spend their time thinking about the same issue, are the ones who don’t stay long in your life, you usually put a stop to them without thinking about it. For some, you can be rude, but that boldness is one of the things they appreciate most about you. 


Sensitivity, intensity, love, compassion, there are many terms with which it is possible to honor your personality. However, people who do not tolerate you tend to focus on the bad, they say that you are very dramatic. Maybe that’s the way they see your level of empathy. The fact that you do not stand idly by when you see misfortune does not make you exaggerate and whoever values ​​it is worth it.

The Imperfection That Makes Them Obsessed With You According To Your Sign

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