The Imperfect Of Your Sign

Never try to erase your essence, because all that bunch of weirdness can be someone’s fascination. We all have something that kills smiles, I’m talking about those manias, behaviors, and unexpected outbursts. However, accepting them makes you a better person and helps you control yourself with those you love. It is inevitable, each zodiac sign has something imperfect and it will probably never be taken away from them, but at least they work on it. When it is present, its intention is not to hurt, but there are those who are affected. This is the imperfect of your sign:


For you the limits are only in the mind, that is the reason why nothing gives you pain and that can make you get carried away in an exaggerated way. There are times when by flowing you fall into falsehoods, it is not that you are lying to everyone, but when you have to flee from a situation it is easy for you to lie to get out of trouble. The bad thing is that you don’t always know what to do with the consequences. Aries, you are a very admired person, there are those who follow in your footsteps because they love to be part of your life. For you and for them, it is time for you to speak honestly, even if it means that some tears will be present. That’s better than pretending.


If someone who does not know you deeply pays attention to you, they could deduce that there are no problems in your life, because usually you always have everything under control. However, inside you also live a chaotic part, the one that has a lot of things that it wants to do and in the end it does nothing. Let’s say that’s your imperfect side, the one that makes a million promises and then complains about not starting. You are very compulsive and that prevents you from having time to focus on something else. Before throwing yourself into the ring, analyze the situation, the pros, and the cons, go easy. Life is not about competition, if you see it like that you will end up very hurt. You don’t need all the material things in the world, or all those trips, or insane love. It’s about time you just put a stop to it.


Come on Gemini, you know well that there are times when you even ask yourself, why the hell did you get up that bad morning? When your bad mood becomes your best companion during the day, beware of whoever appears in your way. That is the imperfection of your sign, you say things that you later regret, but that the other person will hardly forget. Also, you get very stubborn, you don’t give yourself the time to listen to your rational part and simply your emotions make you knock everything down. It is good that you are so determined, but do not exaggerate Gemini, because anger can lead you to very painful paths and without exit.


It seems very naive to me when people claim that you are capable of forgiving everything. The fact that your feelings are good does not mean that your heart is public so that everyone who wants to come and go as they please. If they knew that the most imperfect thing about your sign is your pride, they would surely think twice before doing something to make you angry. It is very difficult for you to deactivate resentment, once you experience it all you want is to loosen ties with that person. You know that you are not cruel, that you have put yourself in the other’s place, but you are not going to let their dramas convince you to do something you don’t want to do. Just be careful, because sometimes by punishing the other you punish yourself.


You always find a way to get out of any obstacle that life throws at you. You are used to going at a fast pace and you hate when you feel that you depend on someone. Your autonomy makes you shine, but… you don’t always have a good attitude. There are times when the imperfection of your sign becomes your worst enemy and gives you an apathy that even worries you. Let’s say that when you slow down, laziness begins to invade you and you postpone projects, which is dangerous because you fall into a vicious circle, you want to do things, but you can’t and you end up stressing yourself out. It is not so good to relax excessively when you feel that this is happening to you, go for a walk, run, focus your energy on something else, or else you will end up having a long streak in which you will not want to get out of bed.


People are no longer surprised that you are very boxy about some things, you can even fall into the conservative when it comes to allowing someone to be part of your space. However, the imperfect thing about your sign is that you can become very selfish, you focus so much on your progress that you don’t care if the one next to you ends up defeated halfway. To be fair, that doesn’t go very well with you Virgo, but you can’t help it and you make the other person feel bad. Do not allow your desire to stand out to dirty your heart, because there are a lot of beautiful emotions that you have not allowed to leave. Try to practice empathy a little more, perhaps by helping the other you help yourself.


Let’s see, the first thing you need to do is recognize that there are times when everything gets out of hand and you know it because it is counterproductive that you want things to be beautiful around you. Libra, I know that it is not easy to understand the reasons why a person decides to be stagnant, but you have to understand that it is not your responsibility to fill anyone’s life with colors. There are those who decide to stay in the gray and you have to respect it. Without a doubt, that is the imperfection of your sign, when you get foolish and want things to turn out just as you imagine them in your mind. The perfect world does not exist, but if you continue to cling to that idea, the only one who will end up sunk in darkness is you, because the negative energy of others will kill you.


Until when are you going to stop seeing yourself as the worst Scorpio? It’s already hard enough dealing with people’s criticism and accusations so that you still continue to add lemon to the wound. It is not worth immersing yourself in your past, that you do not let the present receive you in the way you deserve, because you always have an excuse not to smile. You have become an expert in putting up emotional barriers and it is very difficult for you to assimilate the love that they give you without asking for anything in return. That is the imperfection of your sign, that you minimize yourself, that you let your scars continue to ruin your joy. Don’t be your own worst enemy, Scorpio. The burdens are not going to be erased, but if you keep going back to them you will end up losing yourself and sabotaging any good heart that reaches your days.


You have earned yourself the name of the daring of the zodiac, the one who just proposes a plan to start walking. It is not a lie that your heart races when something unknown is about to come into your life. You love adrenaline, but there is something you don’t tell anyone, your knees also tremble. The imperfect of your sign is the fear that you hide, you end up swallowing your words because you do not want to be judged. After all, you are the one who never gives up and you refuse to be taken in another concept. However, that has led you to deal with losing streaks alone. Sagittarius, life is too short to want something, but if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. That doesn’t make you any less brave.


When most people think of a Capricorn, they relate it to stability, someone who has a very well definition of what they want and who hardly allows themselves to be manipulated. However, not everything is a rainbow in his life, there are times when he has no idea which way to go and frustration becomes his faithful companion for days. That is the imperfection of his sign, indecision, he would love to control everything, but it is impossible. Often, the only thing that Capricorn wants is to get out of the routine, to be in the place that he has always dreamed of, but the conventional side of him prevents him from going further. He doesn’t make up his mind, but time doesn’t stop and that’s when he begins to regret it and thinks about everything he could have done. Put on a tall Capricorn already.


In the world, you will meet a lot of enemies who do not share your way of seeing life and who will do whatever it takes to see you fail. It is not so complicated to deal with them, just ignore them and not give them the pleasure of seeing you badly when they do something against you. However, there is an enemy that you can hardly beat. I am talking about you, about the imperfection of your sign, about how insecure you feel when in reality you are doing things very well. Aquarius, stop making excuses for your advances. There are many who admire you, but it is useless if you are not able to applaud your qualities. The fact that you recognize it does not make you selfish or arrogant, you simply have the guts to value yourself and that is what you need.


Although it may not seem like it, sometimes being too nice is counterproductive and that is precisely what happens to you Pisces. You have been responsible for creating emotional ties for life when in reality there are people who barely deserve to appear in a chapter. The imperfect thing about your sign is that you are too unconditional, you are always there to help people, but how many times have you asked yourself if it is worth it? Loving is not forgiving everything, nor becoming the savior. Loving is something reciprocal, it’s not about you giving and giving until you wear yourself out. You know that deep down it hurts you, it’s not fair that the other doesn’t make an effort even half of everything you give him. Do not stay in relationships that do not bring you anything Pisces. Why do you always have to be the one doing everything to make it work?


The Imperfect Of Your Sign

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