1. The face of a man in profile

If you’ve looked at this image and seen an abstract image of an old man’s face, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re destined to end up with an old man! What that means is that you are the type of person who never loses sight of the “big picture,” especially when it comes to love, sex, and dating. On the surface, you can seem to be the kind who aspires to be brushed off, and while you may appreciate the feeling of romantic gestures, the truth is that you are much more likely to be successfully wooed by someone who is willing to put it on. time, effort, energy and hard work that true love requires, just like you are ready to do for them. No matter how old you are. You know there is more to love than flowers and sonnets.

2. A man riding a horse

If you’ve looked at this photo and seen a picture of a man riding a horse, I’m sorry to reveal it to you, but that doesn’t mean you’re destined to fall in love with a cowboy. It does mean, however, that when it comes to love and romance, your heart can be difficult to tame, even if you think you’ve finally found the person of your dreams. I’m not saying that you are secretly a cheater, but you are a person whose heart and soul both prosper when you receive courteous attention on an almost constant basis. If you were born in the era of King Arthur and Guinevere, you would have integrated well, fainting at the thought of a man duelling for your honour. Talk about real and lasting love (so dangerous and sometimes fatal)! You naturally tend to keep looking over your partner’s shoulder, in case the real person of your dreams suddenly appears. Do not take the risk of letting a good one run away, because it could very well be that he is in front of you while waiting to be noticed all this time!

3. A girl lying by the river

If you looked at this photo and saw the image of the girl lying by the river, it does not mean that you lie down and give up love as little as possible! This means that you have been seriously injured in the past by previous experiences of love and that, even if you have a great propensity to give your heart, you become increasingly nervous and suspicious over time. trying to find a romantic partner will experience a certain amount of rejection and heartache during their lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that she – that is, you – won’t find love when you’re destined to. The real problem here is that you have a hard time convincing yourself that there is no point in continuing to seek love that will last. You should never give up on this hunt. While you are the kind of person who deeply feels grief, you are also the kind of person who loves intensely. It’s a gift you’ll love and it’s something you should never forget. Don’t give up until you find someone who understands exactly how lucky he is to have found you.

4. A stone arch on the river

If you’ve looked at this image and seen the image of a stone walkway over a roaring river, don’t panic that what you saw first didn’t contain any people. It does not mean that you are cut off from your neighbour, it just means that you have a wild and dreamy heart that is difficult to tame. You like the idea of ​​falling in love. You may have even managed to do this several times. But in the end, it seems like no one else wants a partner in exploration and adventure like you do. Although you are absolutely a unique and wild spirit, that does not mean that you should expect or desire to live this life on your own. As you travel through life, seeing the sights and having an epic adventure after others, keep your eyes open for someone who enjoys this wacky ride called life as much as you do. Giving your heart to someone does not mean you are losing it. This means that you can discover twice as many wonderful things as you would never have dared to dream!


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