We do not count the benefits of massages anymore. But considering the number of techniques used, it is not always easy to find the massage adapted to his needs. Whether you like gentle massages or more tonics, whether you want to relieve your pain or just relax, discover which massage is for you according to your Astro sign!

Find all our Body Care tips.

1. Aries: a Swedish massage

Of a sporting nature, the Aries generally needs a massage to relieve his aches and his muscular tension. Manual therapy with natural oils, the Swedish massage improves circulation, strengthens the tone, and relieves muscular pains … All that it needs to leave again more beautiful …

2. Taurus: an Ayurvedic massage

Even if it seems relaxed, Taurus is, in fact, much more anxious than one imagines. To avoid stress, reduce nervous tension, and get rid of toxins, Ayurvedic massage is ideal. A traditional massage practiced by Indians for millennia, Taurus appreciated its relaxing virtues.

3. Gemini: a Thai massage

Because it never stops, Gemini needs a massage as relaxing as a tonic. If the message is too slow, he may be bored. What’s better than a Thai massage for the booster? Aimed at improving blood circulation and body flexibility, it will come out like new!

4. Cancer: a cranial massage

With its fragile nature and hypersensitivity, Cancer is an anxious astrological sign. Bad news and here it is stretched like a string! To ease the tension he accumulates, he can afford a cranial massage. The good news? It also improves the quality of sleep …

5. Leo: a Balinese massage

To be pampered, the Lion always sign this. And if he could, he would do massages every day. Anyway, it easily cracks for a Balinese massage for its double effect: therapeutic and aesthetic!

6. Virgo: shiatsu

Even if it relaxes her, the Virgin sees massage as a therapy. Recommended for people who want to rebalance their body, shiatsu may well please him. This Japanese technique is to exert pressure on the reflex points of the body.

7. Libra: a Polynesian massage

Polynesian massage is based on the energies circulating in the body. Not only it helps to find a good balance but also, it consists of beauty treatments. And because traditionally, Polynesian massage aims to bring love and stability, Libra will only crack!

8. Scorpion: a Kashmiri massage

For this sign of passion, what better than a massage to share as a couple? Kashmiri massage uses tantric yoga techniques. It aims to spread awareness and free the mind. One thing is certain, it promises both spiritual and sexual fulfillment. What to convince this sensual sign …

9. Sagittarius: a hot stone massage

Straight from Hawaii, hot stone massage is one of the most exotic massages. It is made from basalt stones – volcanic stones – composed of pure lava heated between 50 and 65 degrees. Since the invites to escape, there is a good chance that Sagittarius will be conquered!

10. Capricorn: a Californian massage

It is the most famous massage and the most widespread in the institute. With fluid movements of sliding and kneading, the Californian massage is ideal to soothe the physical and psychic tensions. With a relatively traditional temperament, Capricorn will appreciate this great classic for sure.

11. Aquarius: an amma massage

The amma massage is a seated massage. The goal? Relieve by touch. Pressure, stretching, percussion, and sweeping, here is the program of this massage which should last only 30 minutes maximum. And if it pleases Aquarius, it is because it can be practiced anytime and anywhere!

12. Pisces: hydromassage

What’s more normal than a fish relaxing in the water? A common practice in wellness centers, the hydromassage offers several possibilities: a powerful jet shower, an affusion shower, or the bubbling baths … It only remains for him to choose!



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