The Howling Horoscope: These 4 zodiac signs are built close to the water

Some people generally cry more than others. Because there are personalities who are simply built closer to the water than others. Sometimes they cry during romantic love scenes when they are watching a film or they are just particularly compassionate so that they simply cannot hold back and just have to cry.

According to the horoscope, there are 4 zodiac signs that are especially known for crying for every little thing. You can find out what these are in this article. Does your zodiac sign belong to it?


Cancer is like a ball of emotions and these emotions are not always just its own emotions. Most of the time cancer has to digest feelings. He is like a sponge that literally soaks up the emotional state of people around him. Cancers are more emotionally reactive than any other zodiac sign and tend to worry quickly about how other people react when faced with challenges or negative events. They care for their fellow human beings with all their heart.

But sometimes they can be like an angry cry baby. Especially when someone hurts or criticizes them, they have trouble keeping their emotions under control. Then they quickly feel overwhelmed by their emotions and they express their anger very often by crying out on the spot. Then you’d better leave them alone because crabs sometimes just have to scream their eyes out to let everything out. They like to get others’ attention and therefore sometimes act like children. But you shouldn’t resent this behavior because they just can’t do it any other way.


One of the hallmarks of highly sensitive people is their inability to make decisions quickly, and this is very true of the scales. Scales always take a lot longer than other people to make a decision because they have to weigh up every possible result before they can commit to one thing. Scales also tend to get upset when they have to make a decision, think about it forever, and then end up with a decision that turns out to be a mistake. A wrong decision can follow a Libra for a very long time and it will suffer for a long time from having made a mistake.

In addition, scales like to have things under control, and when they cannot prevail, they are extremely disturbed. But getting upset doesn’t help much. That’s why they wallow in their self-pity and just feel bad. They cry and then sob until they find their way out of the mess. They are like a stubborn baby who never stops crying until it gets what it wants.


Shooters tend to take things very personally. For example, if someone doesn’t have fun at a party hosted by the shooter, the shooter will feel that it’s his fault. So he feels responsible for the feelings of others. This zodiac sign also tends to have poor decision-making ability and poor orientation, as it can quickly be overwhelmed by the possibilities of things. Shooters are always very aware of other people’s feelings and would never want to do anything to upset them. When you get the feeling of making others feel bad, it makes you very sad. 

This sign may appear relaxed and relaxed, but shooters really hate being left out or ignored by others. So if they are not involved in plans by their fellow human beings, they become very sad and they can cry out loud. They are actually a little emotional and sensitive, although they often seem so independent and adventurous. This is simply because they are slightly offended and they will roar their eyes if they feel offended. Although they don’t do this to get attention, they like to be a sad, tearful person because it’s so poetic.


We all know that fish are very sensitive. They also take things personally very quickly because they tend to process things on a very deep level. But they are also extremely intuitive and compassionate, take care of other people, and always want to do their best to satisfy others. It is said that fish are so hypersensitive that it is practically impossible for them not to become emotional.

They can behave a little crazy now and then because they are so overwhelmed with their emotions. But they also somehow love to indulge in their own self-pity and will then cry out their hearts. They do it mainly for reasons of attention, but they will calm down at some point – at the latest when they have your full attention. They are sometimes a little passive-aggressive and may start to ignore you if you hurt them. Then they will refuse to talk to you and will be tacitly sad. 


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